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Migrant Flows Redirected to Arizona and California as Greg Abbott Tightens Border Security

Governor Greg Abbott’s efforts to tighten security along the Texas-Mexico border appear to be yielding results, with a notable decrease in illegal crossings reported.

However, experts suggest that this decline may be prompting migrants to seek alternative routes into the United States, particularly in neighboring states like Arizona and California.

Migrants Targeting Other States

Credit: Hundreds of Migrants Arrive at the Border Daily to Seek Asylum in the United States — Photo by Laflota

Political scientist Mark Shanahan notes that migrants, aware of heightened security in Texas, are diverting their attempts to cross into the U.S. towards California and Arizona.

Better Economic Future is The Key Driver

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He explained that “both organized gangs and migrants simply looking for a better economic future have always probed the border for weak points and for the moment, those are mostly in California and Arizona,” in an interview with Newsweek

Easiest To Crossover

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He added, “It’s no surprise they’re avoiding Texas.

Migrants generally have excellent intelligence on where it’s supposedly easiest to cross into the U.S., and will be all too aware of Abbott’s crackdown.”

Comprehensive Solution Needed

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He emphasized the importance of comprehensive border enforcement across all border states to effectively address illegal immigration.

Data Indicates Shift in Crossings

Juarez, Mexico, 12-21-2022: Texan National Guard places wire and barbed wire on the banks of the Rio Grande to prevent migrants from crossing into the United States to request humanitarian asylum. — Photo by Laflota

Data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection shows a significant drop in overall crossings in January compared to December.

Reports suggest that around 60 percent of illegal crossings are now occurring in Arizona and California, indicating a shift away from Texas.

Increase in Arizona Crossings

Credits: DepositPhotos

Figures from the U.S. Border Patrol’s Tucson Section reveal a notable increase in illegal crossings along the Arizona border over the past year.

This rise underscores the changing patterns of migrant flows in response to tightened security measures in Texas.

Republican Strategist’s Perspective

Credit: Juarez, Mexico 01-07-2022: Migrants from Venezuela set up a makeshift camp to wait for the end of title 42.

Republican strategist Jason Cabel Roe agrees that heightened security in Texas is leading to increased migrant flows in states with less stringent border enforcement, particularly those with Democratic governors.

He sees this as evidence of the effectiveness of border enforcement efforts.

Response to Biden Administration

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Roe suggests that the Biden administration’s perceived leniency on border enforcement has contributed to a surge in illegal immigration.

He praises Governor Abbott for taking proactive measures to protect Texas residents in the absence of federal action.

Expert’s Caution

Credits: DepositPhotos

Thomas Gift from University College London cautions against attributing the decline in Texas border crossings solely to Abbott’s policies.

He highlights the complexity of factors influencing migrant flows and suggests that multiple dynamics may be at play.

Abbott’s Border Security Measures

Credit: DepositPhotos

Governor Abbott has deployed Texas National Guard troops to the border and authorized the placement of razor wire to deter illegal crossings.

However, the Supreme Court’s ruling allowing federal agents to remove this wire has sparked controversy and drawn strong reactions from Abbott.

Arizona’s Response

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Arizona Republican Kari Lake acknowledges the impact of Abbott’s border security measures, stating that they have led to an increase in illegal immigration in Arizona.

This observation underscores the interconnectedness of border security policies across neighboring states.

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