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Mike Pence challenges Biden in 2024 elections, queries his competency

Former Vice President Mike Pence expressed his concerns about President Joe Biden’s capabilities and outlined his reasons for challenging him in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Pence, who recently launched his presidential campaign, stated that Biden’s age, 80, has led to a decline in his abilities.

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He said, “Joe Biden is 80 years old. Like every 80-year-old, he’s lost a step.”

However, Pence emphasized that his opposition to Biden is rooted in their divergent views on foreign policy, excessive spending, and liberal social agenda.

A ‘significant point of contention’ for Trump and Pence

Pence, who aims to secure the Republican nomination, acknowledged that he disagreed with his former running mate, President Donald Trump, on certain issues.

One significant point of contention between the two is the role of the Vice President in certifying elections, particularly regarding the events of January 6, 2021.

Pence criticizes and accuses Trump

Pence asserted that anyone prioritizing their interests over the Constitution should never hold the presidency again.

He criticized Trump’s actions that day, accusing him of urging others to disregard the Constitution during the certification process.

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Pence highlights the difference of opinion with Trump

During an interview, Pence reiterated his stance and highlighted his differences with Trump on various matters, including abortion, the Russian war in Ukraine, and entitlement reform.

He emphasized that his primary concern is upholding the Constitution and ensuring the presidency is not compromised by personal ambitions.

Pence stated, “I thought it was important today to make the case about our differences in the past and our policy differences about the direction of the party and the country in the future.”

Pence pledges support for Republican nominee

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Regarding his statements about Trump, Pence clarified that he hopes the former president will reconsider his positions.

Despite their disagreements, Pence affirmed that he would support the Republican nominee, even if it is not himself.

Republican voters desire change, Pence asserts

He expressed confidence in Republican voters to choose new leadership for the party and ultimately send a Republican president to the White House in 2024.

Pence highlighted the enthusiasm he has witnessed during his campaign events in Iowa, New Hampshire, and across the country as an indication of the desire for change within the party.

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Pence hopes for ‘new leadership’ in the White House

“I’ll support the Republican nominee—especially if it’s me,” Pence declared. “But I also think I have a lot of confidence in Republican voters.”

“You saw the enthusiasm in the crowd today. That’s the kind of enthusiasm we’ve encountered in Iowa and New Hampshire and as we’ve traveled around the country.

“I just think regardless of what the polls may show today, Republican primary voters are going to choose new leadership for our party, and we’re going to send new leadership to the White House in 2024.”

Pence’s presidential election strategy disclosed

Pence’s criticism of Biden’s age and emphasis on policy differences with Trump reflects his approach to the upcoming presidential election.

As he enters the race, Pence seeks to distinguish himself as a mainstream conservative candidate who upholds constitutional values while promoting his vision for the future of the Republican Party.

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