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Mitt Romney Decides Against Presidential Bid, Chief of Staff Confirms

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) has announced that he will not pursue a presidential bid, as confirmed by his chief of staff. Speculation arose when Romney announced he would not seek re-election to the Senate in 2024, potentially pitting himself against former President Donald Trump, one of his staunchest Republican critics. However, Romney’s chief of staff has put these rumors to rest after an FEC filing called the “Draft Romney Manchin Committee” was discovered. It was revealed that Romney was unaware of the filing and has no current interest in launching a presidential bid. His chief of staff stated that he is “not considering running for President on any ticket.”

Photo Credit: @mittromney on Instagram

The FEC filing to form a formal draft committee came before the announcement that Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia would not be running for re-election in 2024. A group had proposed Manchin and Romney teaming up for a third-party presidential bid. The decision by Romney comes as he continues to criticize former President Trump from the sidelines, stating that Trump represents a “failure of character.” Romney has been vocal about his belief that Trump has had a negative impact on the nation. In his farewell announcement, Romney also criticized Trump’s denial of climate change, stating that both President Biden and former President Trump have failed to address the critical challenges facing the country.

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Trump, on the other hand, celebrated Romney’s decision to step down, considering it “FANTASTIC NEWS FOR AMERICA, THE GREAT STATE OF UTAH, & FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.” Despite Romney’s announcement, other contenders are already entering the race for the 2024 presidency, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, and Jill Stein. Stein has expressed disillusionment with the Democratic Party, believing they have failed to fulfill their promises.

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