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‘Money For Policy Decisions’ Have President Biden Caught In The Mix

On Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee subpoenaed an FBI file linking President Joe Biden to a “criminal scheme” involving “money for policy decisions” during his vice presidency.

The whistleblower tip provides a potential breakthrough for GOP investigators, who have been probing the President’s involvement in his family’s business dealings in China, Mexico, Russia, and Ukraine.

Two sources claimed that the file pertains to potential wrongdoing by Joe Biden and not by first son Hunter Biden or another relative that indirectly implicates the president. The alleged corruption is believed to involve a country other than China.

Secrets revealed, the unclassified whistleblower disclosures

The document subpoenaed by the Oversight Committee is an FD-1023 informant report that was “created or modified in June 2020” — months before Biden won the presidency— and must be supplied at a meeting on May 10, the subpoena says.

In a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer and Senate Budget Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley wrote, “We have received legally protected and highly credible unclassified whistleblower disclosures.”

President Biden and Foreign national entangled  in a criminal scheme

The Republicans wrote, “Based on those disclosures, it has come to our attention that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) possess an unclassified FD-1023 form that describes an alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions.”

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President Biden’s ‘Transparency’ an answer to Republican Criticisms

White House spokesman Ian Sams sought to downplay the news.

Sams said, “For going on five years now, Republicans in Congress have been lobbing unfounded, unproven, politically-motivated attacks against the President and his family without offering evidence for their claims or evidence of decisions influenced by anything other than U.S. interests….”

“When it comes to President Biden’s finances, anybody can take a look: he has offered an unprecedented level of transparency, releasing a total of 25 years of tax returns to the American public.”

The Biden brothers’ lucrative foreign business deals

Hunter Biden and first brother James Biden reaped millions of dollars from business relationships in countries where their powerful relative held sway during and after his vice presidency.

Joe Biden interacted with his relatives’ foreign associates on multiple occasions — even though he denied, as a presidential candidate, ever discussing overseas business with his family.

White House stenographer’s FBI tip-off

Among other foreign ventures, Hunter Biden earned up to $1 million per year by serving on the board of Ukrainian gas firm Burisma from 2014 to 2019, beginning when his father was in charge of the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy.

Former White House stenographer Mike McCormick told The Post that he contacted the FBI this February about White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan’s remarks, credited to an anonymous US official in a transcript.

Biden lends support to Ukraine’s natural gas industry

Sullivan had stated that Joe Biden would push for US support for Ukraine’s natural gas industry, which Congress later that year awarded $50 million.

McCormick never heard back from the FBI. Visitor logs show Joe Biden met with his son’s business partner Devon Archer in 2014, when Hunter Biden and Archer, a since-convicted felon, joined the Burisma board.

Then-Vice President Biden attended an April 16, 2015, dinner at DC’s Cafe Milano with Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi, featuring his son’s other associates.