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Most voters view Trump’s indictment as election interference, expect acquittal – Poll

According to a Harvard/Harris poll, most registered voters believe that the indictment of former President Donald Trump by special counsel Jack Smith is “politically motivated” and constitutes election interference.

The poll, conducted after Trump’s arraignment, examined public perception of the 37-count indictment, which pertains to classified documents that Trump allegedly took to Mar-a-Lago at the end of his presidency.

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Among the registered voter respondents, 55 percent consider the indictment “politically motivated,” while 45 percent view it as “valid.”

Trump’s indictment: A case of election interference, opinion poll suggests

Likewise, 56 percent of participants perceive the indictment as “interference by the Department of Justice in the 2024 elections,” while only 44 percent see it as “the fair application of the law.”

A majority of 57 percent of respondents believe that the 45th president will be acquitted on the charges, most of which fall under the Espionage Act of 1917.

Biden’s documents case, Clinton’s email scandal examined by survey

The survey also inquired about President Joe Biden’s documents case concerning the discovery of classified materials from his time as vice president at his residence and the Penn Biden Center in Washington, DC.

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Additionally, respondents were asked about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Biden mishandled classified material, Clinton obstructed justice, voters believe

A majority of 65 percent believe Biden “mishandled” classified material, while 72 percent think Clinton did so.

Furthermore, 69 percent believe Clinton “obstructed justice” by acid-washing her emails.

Public consensus: Mishandling classified information imperils National Security

It has been established that such unauthorized access to sensitive information can compromise intelligence sources, jeopardize ongoing investigations, and weaken the country’s defense capabilities.

The public believes the mishandling of classified information should not be taken lightly but addressed seriously to safeguard national interests.

Former President Trump’s indictment a matter of ‘selective prosecution’

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The poll posed the question, “Do you think indicting a former president for taking classified documents after leaving office, something done by Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and other senior officials, is a fair application of justice or selective prosecution?”

A majority of 53 percent responded that it is “selective prosecution.” In comparison, 47 percent believe the law is being applied evenly.

Opinion poll reveals voter’s divergent views on Trump’s indictment

Although most participants believe Trump will be acquitted, a majority of registered voters sampled consider the Department of Justice (DOJ) to have a “strong case” against him to varying degrees, with 42 percent perceiving the case as “weak.”

Regarding guilt, 44 percent believe he is “probably guilty … and should be convicted,” while 30 percent think he is “probably innocent.”

Additionally, 26 percent believe he may be guilty, but the indictment should not have been pursued due to its perceived political nature and interference with the 2024 election.

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Trump takes the lead over Biden in the primaries

The poll also indicates that Trump is leading the primary field and holds a six-point advantage over Biden in a hypothetical general election matchup.

The Harvard/Harris poll was conducted from June 14-15 and sampled 2,090 registered voters. The margin of error was not specified.