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Mounting Evidence of Biden’s Involvement in Dubious Financial Activities with Foreign Dictators

A Note on Biden’s Dishonesty and Financial Scandals

In recent times, the Biden family’s questionable money-making ventures, including the existence of checks, secret messages, and meetings, have sparked questions about President Joe Biden’s honesty with the public. It is undeniable that Biden has been deceptive in his actions. Drawing a parallel between the Bidens and the fictional Soprano family from New Jersey, one can imagine Biden engaging in dubious dealings across the globe, including China, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. However, unlike the Sopranos, the Bidens are real, and their actions pose a genuine threat to national security.

Joe Biden’s Predicament

President Joe Biden wakes up each day facing a difficult choice – either speak the truth and face the consequences of potential imprisonment or expulsion from office, or continue lying and hope that the left-leaning media continues shielding him from scrutiny. So far, Biden’s falsehoods have served him well. He remains in office, and none of his family members have faced legal ramifications (at least not yet).

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Unwavering Pursuit of Evidence

Despite facing resistance from the liberal media, White House, Justice Department, and the Biden family’s defense lawyers, three Republican chairmen in the House and two diligent senators continue their relentless pursuit of truth. They include House Oversight Committee Chairman Jim Comer, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith, Senator Chuck Grassley, and Senator Ron Johnson.

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Unveiling the Biden Family’s Deceptive Financial Practices

Week after week, mounting evidence emerges, exposing the Biden family’s utilization of dubious tactics such as phony companies, fake email addresses, and other covert methods to obscure the sources of their wealth. These tactics indicate consciousness of illegal practices that cannot stand up to scrutiny. Despite attempts by the left-wing media to dismiss or hinder the facts, the truth is gradually coming to light.

Expert Analysis: Biden’s Link to Chinese Influence

Noted attorney Andy McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, analyzes the existing information surrounding Biden’s corruption and arrives at alarming conclusions. McCarthy highlights that if the public had been aware that Joe Biden was financially influenced by the Chinese Communist regime, it is doubtful whether he would have been elected president, given the general animosity towards then-President Donald Trump. McCarthy asserts that Biden is, in fact, an agent of a hostile foreign power, potentially fueling a second Cold War.

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Verifying the Hunter Biden Laptop Revelation

McCarthy also emphasizes that the Hunter Biden laptop story, which faced considerable censorship and discrediting attempts by the corporate media, was genuine. It appears that Joe Biden, referred to as “the Big Guy,” indeed received a 10 percent cut from his son’s questionable business deals with foreign adversaries, as evidenced by a $40,000 check.

The Implications of Biden’s Corrupt Governance

These facts were available prior to the 2020 election, through reporting by the New York Post and McCarthy’s National Review article titled “Collusion Tale: China and the Bidens.” McCarthy concludes that while the evidence has grown stronger with the diligent work of the Oversight Committee under Chairman James Comer, the basic narrative remains the same.

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National Security at Stake

It is crucial to understand that this issue extends beyond mere political concerns. The United States is now at risk due to the profoundly dishonest leadership of a deeply corrupt family at the helm. President Biden’s frequent lies and extensive corruption make the future uncertain, and that should concern every American citizen.

The Meeting Between Biden and Xi Jinping

As President Biden prepares to meet with Chinese Communist Dictator Xi Jinping, one must recognize the significance of the occasion – the paymaster engaging with the person responsible for enriching his family. This situation is not a scripted TV show; it is a chilling reality far more sinister than anything Tony Soprano could have fathomed.

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