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MS Society Fires 90-Year-Old Volunteer Over DEI Policy Because She “Asked What Pronouns Meant”

The National MS Society faces backlash for its decision to terminate a 90-year-old volunteer who inquired about pronouns, citing a breach of its diversity and inclusion policy.

Despite the uproar, the organization defends its actions, sparking a debate on ageism and inclusivity.

Dismissal Sparks Outcry

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The firing of Fran Itkoff, a volunteer with six decades of service to the non-profit aiding multiple sclerosis patients, triggered outrage after she was asked to step down for questioning the meaning of pronouns.

Organization’s Defense

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The MS Society defended its staff’s actions, stating they acted with good intentions in enforcing the organization’s inclusion policy.

However, critics argue that the decision was unjust, prompting a heated discussion on social media.

Supporters Speak Out

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Social media users and supporters of the charity condemned the dismissal, emphasizing Itkoff’s lifelong dedication to the cause.

Many questioned the severity of her actions and expressed disappointment in the organization’s handling of the situation.

Calls for Explanation

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Amid mounting criticism, individuals demanded transparency from the MS Society, urging the organization to provide clarity on the circumstances leading to Itkoff’s dismissal.

Impact on Donations

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Several donors threatened to withhold their support, citing the treatment of longtime volunteers as a factor in their decision.

The controversy prompts discussions on the organization’s accountability and values.

Email Exchange

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Itkoff’s dismissal stemmed from an email exchange where she expressed confusion about adding pronouns to her signature.

Despite her explanation, she was promptly removed from her volunteer position.

Shock and Disbelief

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Itkoff and her family expressed shock and disbelief over the abrupt decision, highlighting the irony of being excluded from an organization promoting inclusivity.

Daughter’s Perspective

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Elle Hamilton, Itkoff’s daughter, emphasized her mother’s unwavering commitment to helping MS patients and criticized the organization’s actions as contradictory to its stated values.

Leadership Transition

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Coinciding with the controversy, the MS Society’s president and CEO announced her retirement plans.

While the organization denies any connection between the decision and the recent events, speculation arises regarding the timing of the announcement.

Continued Conversation

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The dismissal of Fran Itkoff ignites discussions on ageism, diversity, and inclusion within organizations, prompting calls for reflection and accountability in addressing such issues.

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