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MSNBC’s Outrageous Demand: Erase SCOTUS Ruling on LGBTQ+ Website Case

In a shocking turn of events, MSNBC legal analyst Neal Katyal called for the Supreme Court’s ruling on an LGBTQ+ rights case to be “stricken from the books.” The case, which involved a website designer and a hypothetical scenario, has now come under scrutiny with reports suggesting that the document at the center of the case may be fake. But does this warrant erasing a Supreme Court decision? Let’s dig deeper into this astonishing call for action.

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A Case Built on Hypotheticals: Concerns Over Constitutional Law

Host Michael Steele raised an important point about the case: no one had actually asked the website designer to create a website for a gay couple. In fact, the individual involved was not even gay and had no intention of seeking the designer’s services. This raises concerns about the Supreme Court basing its decision on hypothetical scenarios and drawing constitutional law from them. The consequences of such actions should worry all of us. But is erasing the ruling the right solution?

The Requirement of an Actual Case or Controversy

Katyal cited Article Three of the U.S. Constitution, which states that the Supreme Court must have an actual case or controversy before it can provide relief. According to Katyal, the LGBTQ+ rights case in question appears to be a fake case, lacking any genuine controversy. The person at the center of the case had no desire to be involved in it whatsoever. Katyal argues that this lack of controversy means the Colorado Attorney General should take action to seek rehearing and have the decision stricken from the books.

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The Tragedy of Misinformation: Seeking Rehearing

While it is concerning that this information about the fake case came to light after the ruling, Katyal believes there is a procedure in place to address such situations. He suggests that the Colorado Attorney General should approach the Supreme Court for a rehearing to rectify the issue and erase the decision from the records. This, he claims, is the appropriate course of action given the circumstances.

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A Dangerous Precedent: Undermining the Supreme Court’s Authority

Katyal’s demand to erase a Supreme Court ruling sets a dangerous precedent. The idea of retroactively removing a decision from the books based on new information raises questions about the stability and authority of our highest court. Should a ruling be stricken simply because a case may have been built on false pretenses? The implications of such a move could have far-reaching consequences for the integrity of the judicial system.

The Debate Continues: Upholding or Erasing Supreme Court Decisions?

As the debate unfolds, the fundamental question remains: Should a Supreme Court ruling be erased based on new information that questions the legitimacy of the case? This case involving an LGBTQ+ website has ignited a firestorm of controversy and demands for action. It is up to the Colorado Attorney General and the Supreme Court to navigate this complex terrain and determine the appropriate course of action.

Join the Conversation: Share Your Opinion

What do you think? Should the Supreme Court ruling be stricken from the books? Or does this demand undermine the authority of the court? We want to hear from you. Share your thoughts and engage in the conversation. Let your voice be heard in this pivotal moment for our legal system.

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