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Musk Addresses His Ketamine Use, Plus Diversity and Free Speech in Interview

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, recently engaged in an interview with ex-CNN anchor Don Lemon, addressing various topics including diversity, free speech, and personal medical prescriptions.

Privacy and Medical Prescriptions

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Musk expressed discomfort with Lemon’s questions about his ketamine prescription. He highlighted the personal nature of medical treatments and his use of the drug to combat depression.

Musk on Ketamine Use

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After addressing concerns over potential drug abuse, Musk clarified his moderate use of ketamine as a means to manage depression while maintaining productivity at work.

Criticism of DEI Schemes

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In the interview, Musk also shared his view on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs and cited his support for critical perspectives on DEI’s impact on medical standards. 

Musk’s Belief in Meritocracy

Credit: DpeositPhotos – Tesla CEO Elon Musk is pictured during a delivery ceremony at the sales center of Tesla in Jinqiao, Shanghai, China, 23 April 2014 — Photo by ChinaImages

Additionally, Musk further elaborated on his belief system, advocating for a merit-based approach to individual assessment, focusing on skills and integrity rather than DEI metrics.

Content Moderation on X

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Musk defended the content moderation policies of X (formerly Twitter), which he purchased in 2022, amid Lemon’s concerns about antisemitic and racist content on the platform.

Free Speech vs. Illegal Content

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Highlighting the fine line between censorship and moderation, Musk argued for the allowance of controversial content as long as it does not violate legal standards, opposing the notion of censorship disguised as moderation.

Clashes Over Interview Questions

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The interview shows moments of tension, where Musk expressed frustration over Lemon’s line of questioning and challenged the coherence and framing of the questions posed.

Innovations in Tesla’s Future

Musk teased future collaborations between Tesla and SpaceX, hinting at the integration of rocket technology in the next Tesla Roadster model. He also suggested the potential for groundbreaking vehicular innovations.

Speculations on Flying Cars

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Expanding on Tesla’s technological ambitions, Musk alluded to the development of a vehicle that transcends traditional car definitions, possibly incorporating flying capabilities through SpaceX technology.

Political Donations and Preferences

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Furthermore, Musk also confirmed a recent meeting with Donald Trump and discussed his political leanings, indicating a shift away from Joe Biden without committing to supporting any specific presidential candidate.

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