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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Loses $5 Million Court Battle Over Election Fraud Claims

A U.S. District Court has upheld a $5 million ruling against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for his involvement in disseminating false claims about the 2020 presidential election.

This decision marks a significant setback for Lindell, who has staunchly supported former President Donald Trump’s unproven allegations of widespread voter fraud.

He claims he had spent $40 million of his own money to overturn the 2020 election

Background on Arbitration Ruling

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In April 2023, an arbitration panel ordered Lindell to pay $5 million to computer forensics expert Robert Zeidman after Lindell’s data about election fraud was debunked.

Lindell’s False Claims

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Lindell had claimed to possess evidence of Chinese interference in the 2020 election, offering a $5 million reward to anyone who could disprove his data.

Claims Debunked

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A private arbitration panel found that computer forensics specialist Robert Zeidman, 63, ultimately disproved Lindell.

The panel determined that Zeidman—a Trump supporter from Nevada, according to The Washington Post—had properly analyzed Lindell’s data and concluded that it did not demonstrate election-related voter fraud.

U.S. District Court’s Decision

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U.S. District Court Judge John Tunheim upheld the arbitration ruling in a 12-page order, dismissing Lindell’s request to overturn the decision.

Restrictions on the Arbitration Panel

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Tunheim wrote in the order. “The Court’s responsibility in reviewing an arbitration award is not to reevaluate the merits but rather ensure that the panel acted appropriately. Lindell LLC’s only basis for Court action was that the panel acted outside the scope of its authority in issuing the award,”

Reactions to the Ruling

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Following the initial ruling in April, Lindell vowed to contest the decision, alleging that it was part of an effort to undermine his campaign against electronic voting machines.

Truth about Lindell Data Exposed

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In April, Zeidman’s legal representation issued a statement in which he stated: “I am clearly very happy with the arbitrators’ ruling. They clearly saw this as I did—that the data we were given at the symposium was not at all what Mr. Lindell said it was. The truth is finally out there.”

Impact on Lindell’s Business Ventures

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Lindell’s legal troubles coincide with the loss of business partnerships, with several major retailers discontinuing MyPillow products due to his support of election fraud claims.

Lindell’s Other Claims

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Additionally, Lindell reported that an online merchant server had dropped support for his Lindell Recovery Network, further complicating his financial situation.

Claims of Cancel Culture

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Lindell has attributed the termination of business partnerships to “cancel culture,” asserting that his political pursuits have made his brand unpopular.

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