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Mysterious Cocaine Found in White House: Unresolved Case Raises Questions

The Daily Mail has obtained newly released photos showing the mysterious cocaine that was discovered inside the White House over the summer. These photos were acquired through a Freedom of Information Act request from the Secret Service. The discovery was made on July 2 when a member of the Secret Service found a baggie of cocaine in a storage locker near the entrance to the White House’s West Wing.

Credits: DepositPhotos

The initial discovery led to an immediate evacuation of the building and an emergency response. Subsequently, a test confirmed that the substance inside the baggie was indeed cocaine, as confirmed by the Secret Service to Fox News on July 5. Due to the serious nature of the finding, the Secret Service launched an investigation into the matter.

However, despite their efforts, the investigation was eventually closed as they were unable to identify a suspect. Despite the closure of the case, concerns were raised about the treatment of the Biden family, as President Biden was at Camp David during the incident, and his son Hunter, a recovered crack cocaine addict, was also present at the time.

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The area of the West Wing where the cocaine was discovered is used by both guests and staff according to the Secret Service. They announced on July 12 that the investigation had been closed due to a lack of physical evidence. While the agency had received the FBI’s lab results confirming that the substance was cocaine, there was a failure to develop latent fingerprints, and there was insufficient DNA present for investigative comparisons.

The closure of the investigation faced criticism from Republican lawmakers who believed that it represented special treatment for the Biden family. Then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy expressed his concerns, stating that the family seemed to receive different treatment compared to others. He pointed out the constant surveillance cameras within the White House, suggesting that such an incident should have been easily traceable.

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In conclusion, the mysterious discovery of cocaine inside the White House raised significant questions. Despite the closure of the investigation due to a lack of evidence, many remain skeptical of the outcome, raising concerns about potential special treatment for the Biden family.

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