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Mystery Surrounds Disappearance of Russian Su-35 Fighter Amid Escalating Tensions Near Mariupol

A Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jet reportedly vanished from radars near Mariupol just after Ukraine boasted of downing 13 Russian aircraft within two weeks.

The disappearance raises questions about the fate of this jet amid ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Claims Regarding the Disappearance

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Multiple Russia-Ukraine war monitoring channels reported the fighter jet’s disappearance near the Russian-occupied Donetsk city, fueling speculation about its potential destruction by Ukrainian forces.

If confirmed, it would signify the 14th aircraft purportedly destroyed by Kyiv in as many days.

What does the Ukrainian Front say?

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Taking to X, a blog account called Ukrainian Front wrote, “Some monitoring channels report that the Russian Su-35 fighter jet disappeared from the radars in the Mariupol area. It may have been shot down. We are waiting for information from the Air Force of Ukraine.”

Strategic Implications

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The potential loss of the Su-35 fighter jet explains the challenges faced by Russia in sustaining its military operations in the face of heightened Ukrainian resistance.

It could put Russia further on the back foot amidst the crisis.

Loss “Not Negligible for the Russian Military”

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The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) notes the significant impact of losing multiple aircraft in a short timeframe on the Russian military’s capabilities.

The US-based think-tank asserted that losing 13 aircraft in a short time could have significant consequences for the Russian military.

Effectiveness of Ukrainian Defense

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Ukraine’s claims of destroying numerous Russian aircraft in recent days suggest an increased effectiveness of its air defense systems.

Longevity of Russian Forces

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Experts warn that the overuse of aircraft in the conflict may have long-term consequences for the capabilities of the Russian military.

The prolonged war effort could strain Russia’s resources and impact its ability to sustain military operations.

Ukrainian Successes Against Russian Aircraft

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Russians have also lost 2 A-50 surveillance aircraft during the war, leaving just six more purportedly in service.

Russian Losses So Far

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The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that 345 Russian aircraft have been taken out since the invasion began on February 24, 2022.

More than 400,000 Russian Lives Lost

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Additionally, Ukraine claims to have eliminated at least 414,680 Russian military personnel from the battlefield, including deaths and service-ending injuries.

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