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Nancy Grace Condemns Lori Vallow’s Attempt to Reduce Sentence: “How Dare She”

Nancy Grace criticized convicted killer Lori Vallow Daybell for her recent attempt to lighten her sentence for the murders of her two children and involvement in her husband’s first wife’s death.

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During her sentencing hearing, Vallow claimed her victims were “happy and busy” in the spirit world, citing her communications with Jesus Christ and heavenly visitors.

Grace strongly condemned Vallow’s statement, expressing outrage at her attempt to justify a reduced sentence based on such claims.

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However, Judge Steven Boyce rejected her arguments and sentenced her to life in prison without parole, including three consecutive life sentences for first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Furthermore, Vallow received an additional 20-year sentence for attempting to take her children’s social security benefits after their deaths.

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Grace highlighted the judge’s emphasis on separate murders occurring at different times with distinct victims as the basis for his decision.

Regarding Vallow’s claim of mourning her victims, Grace suggested it might foreshadow Chad Daybell’s claims during his upcoming trial.

Chad, Vallow’s husband, is facing charges for Tammy’s murder, as well as the murders of her children.

The court date for Chad Daybell is set for April 1, 2024.

Grace questioned the sincerity of Vallow’s mourning statement, given her behavior on a Hawaiian beach dancing with her new husband while her children’s bodies were discovered on his property.

She also noted Vallow’s refusal to cooperate with a pre-sentence investigation that could have potentially mitigated her sentence..

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