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Nashville Artist Austin Moody’s Anti-Woke Anthem Soars on Country Charts, Thanks to Fans

In an unexpected turn of events, Nashville country artist Austin Moody found himself in the top five on the country music iTunes charts with his song “I’m Just Sayin’.” This rising star’s success can be attributed to the overwhelming support from his fans, who have driven the song’s popularity.

Despite being surrounded by industry giants like Jason Aldean, Luke Combs, and Morgan Wallen, Moody’s anthem against woke culture has resonated with listeners. Let’s explore how Moody credits his fans and the impact of his anti-woke message.

Fan-Driven Success:

Moody acknowledges that his climb to the top of the charts is solely due to his fans. Their dedication and support demonstrated through purchases on iTunes, propelled “I’m Just Sayin'” to the number four spot. Moody believes there is a good chance of reaching the number one position, emphasizing the power of his fan base in shaping his success.

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The Controversial Anthem:

“I’m Just Sayin'” doesn’t hold back as it addresses issues such as skyrocketing crime rates, university indoctrination, and the transgender movement. Moody strongly criticizes the latter, stating that it exposes children to sexualized content.

He recognizes the risks associated with taking a stand on such issues but believes that as an independent artist, he has the freedom to address topics that others may shy away from.

Speaking Up Amidst Fear:

Moody points out that many patriots in Nashville are silenced due to the potential consequences of expressing their opinions. The fear of losing record deals and support prevents artists from openly discussing their beliefs.

Despite the intimidating atmosphere, Moody remains steadfast in his convictions and aims to shed light on important issues often neglected by mainstream artists.

Beyond Politics:

According to Moody, the problems facing the country extend beyond political affiliations. He highlights the deep divide between Democrats and Republicans and emphasizes the need for dialogue and understanding. Moody’s lyrics capture the frustrations felt by many Americans witnessing the decay of once-great cities and institutions.

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Credits: Austin Moody / Facebook

Resonating with a Silent Majority:

Moody shares that he hopes his song will make people realize they are not alone in their thoughts and concerns. By addressing societal issues, he aims to connect with individuals who feel isolated and provide them with a sense of solidarity. The overwhelming response to “I’m Just Sayin'” demonstrates the existence of a significant audience craving this style of country music.

Challenging the Entertainment Industry:

Moody acknowledges the left’s historical utilization of entertainment to influence culture. He believes it is crucial for more individuals to speak up and challenge the prevailing narratives. Moody expresses his surprise at becoming one of those voices but attributes his transformation to his daughter and his growing concerns about the country’s future.

Support and Impact:

The support for “I’m Just Sayin'” skyrocketed after being featured on Breitbart, with the song climbing the charts rapidly. Moody’s industry experience and dedication to his craft have positioned him as a rising star in the country music scene. Media outlets have taken notice, reaching out to Moody for interviews and features.


Austin Moody’s unexpected rise on the country charts with his anti-woke anthem “I’m Just Sayin'” showcases the power of dedicated fans and the resonance of his message. Moody’s willingness to address controversial topics and stand up for his beliefs has sparked a significant response.

As he continues to make waves in the industry, Moody remains grateful for his supporters and encourages fans to stand up against the prevailing narratives. Join the movement and support “I’m Just Sayin'” to send a powerful message.

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