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NATO Wants To Destroy Russian Missiles in Poland’s Airspace

Poland is deliberating whether it should shoot down Russian missiles that approach its national boundaries.

In a recent incident, a Russian missile breached Polish airspace, which has caused the Polish government to consider its options.

The country’s air defenses have been put on alert, implying that the missile would have been destroyed had it veered into Polish territory.

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The Polish Foreign Minister has claimed that all this was being done to test Polish readiness.

He further revealed that NATO is contemplating strategies that would authorize the shooting down of such missiles when they encroach closely upon NATO territories.

However, NATO is mindful of the impact of such actions on Ukraine and is seeking its views on the broader ramifications.

The minister underscored the seriousness with which Poland regards threats from Russian President Vladimir Putin, amidst a backdrop of NATO’s careful navigation to provide support to Ukraine without provoking a direct clash with Russia.

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Despite NATO’s caution, ongoing aggressions between Russia and Ukraine suggest that conflict might extend to other regions in Europe.

Poland’s NATO membership, like that of other member states, means that it is a signatory to Article 5 of the treaty, which asserts that all member states need to respond against aggression on any one of its members.

Given Poland’s geographical position, it is first in line for such an attack.

Credits: DepositPhotos

Notably, this is not the first instance of such incursions, with previous incidents including a Russian missile traversing Polish airspace in December and a Ukrainian air-defense missile causing fatalities in Przewodow in November 2022.

Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian Internal Affairs, commented on the situation via X (formerly Twitter), suggesting that Russia was testing waters rather than seeking direct confrontation with NATO.


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