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NBA Player Jonathan Isaac Launches Anti-Woke Apparel Brand: UNITUS

Jonathan Isaac

Jonathan Isaac’s Stance on Standing for His Beliefs

NBA player Jonathan Isaac, known for standing during the national anthem while his teammates and opponents knelt, is once again taking a stand, this time by launching an anti-woke apparel brand. Isaac aims to support conservative values through his brand, expressing his willingness to counter the corporate trend of aligning with the radical left.

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Challenging the Undermining of Christian and Conservative Values

Isaac highlighted the freedom that corporations have to undermine Christian and conservative values, but he also believes in his own freedom to create an alternative. He expressed his disagreement with companies that attack or undermine these values while emphasizing the need to exercise his freedom to create something different.

UNITUS: A Sports and Apparel Company Based on Freedom


Jonathan Isaac
Credit: @jonisaac_01 on Instagram

Isaac’s apparel brand, called UNITUS, focuses on sports and apparel, with its foundation rooted in the concept of freedom. He emphasized that individuals should not be ashamed or hide their beliefs, but rather be proud of what they stand for.

Addressing Collapsing Morality and the Importance of Standing Up

Amidst what Isaac perceives as collapsing morality and attacks on Christian beliefs, he underscored the increasing difficulty of standing up for one’s convictions. However, he believes it is becoming more necessary in such times.

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Connecting Faith with UNITUS

Isaac’s Christian faith, which influenced his decision to reject the divisive narrative of the Black Lives Matter movement and the NBA’s support of it, will be the guiding principle behind his UNITUS clothing brand. The brand is set to launch in August, incorporating Isaac’s values and beliefs.

Jonathan Isaac’s initiative to launch an anti-woke apparel brand reflects his commitment to expressing and supporting conservative values in the face of prevailing trends within corporate America and professional sports.

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