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NBA Player Launches Anti-Woke Apparel Brand, Promotes Conservative Values

NBA player Jonathan Isaac has long been known for standing on the basketball court while others kneel.

Now, in the face of what he sees as corporate America’s capitulation to the radical left, Isaac is taking a stand once again.

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This time, he is launching an anti-woke apparel brand promoting conservative values.

Freedom to promote conservative and Christian values

Credit: DepositPhotos

In a tweet, the 6’10” power forward expressed his desire to exercise the same freedom corporations use to “undermine Christian values” to create an alternative.

Isaac believes that while companies have the right to attack or undermine conservative and Christian values, he also has the freedom to create what he believes in.

Issac changes the narrative with sports and apparel brand

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Isaac’s new sports and apparel company, UNITUS, is founded on the principle of freedom.

He emphasizes the importance of being proud of one’s beliefs and not feeling the need to hide or be ashamed.

In an interview with Prager U’s Amala Ekpunobi for the documentary “Unwoke Inc.,” Isaac stated, “We can be proud of what we believe in.”

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Issac takes a stand to defend his beliefs

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In today’s society, where morality seems collapsing, and Christian beliefs are under attack, Isaac believes it is crucial to stand up for one’s convictions.

He acknowledges that as the world becomes darker and crazier, it will become increasingly challenging to defend one’s beliefs.

However, he also believes that it will become more and more necessary.

A history of standing up for his convictions

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Isaac’s decision to stand up for his beliefs is not new.

In 2020, he made headlines when he chose to stand while his teammates and opponents kneeled during the national anthem.

His Christian faith was the foundation for his rejection of the divisive narrative promoted by the Black Lives Matter movement and the NBA’s support for it.

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UNITUS, an avenue for conservative expression

Credit: DepositPhotos

Now, Isaac plans to build upon his Christian faith with his UNITUS clothing brand, which is set to launch in August.

The brand aims to provide a platform for individuals who share conservative values to express themselves proudly through apparel.

Isaac’s initiative reflects his commitment to standing up for what he believes in and offering an alternative to the prevailing narrative in the corporate world.

Isaac’s anti-woke brand, a movement to promote conservative values

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

While Jonathan Isaac’s anti-woke apparel brand is a personal endeavor, it is part of a more significant movement of individuals seeking to promote conservative values in the face of growing cultural and ideological challenges.

Through his brand, Isaac hopes to inspire others to be unafraid to stand for their beliefs and create a positive impact in society.

UNITUS, a platform for freedom and inclusivity

Credit: DepositPhotos

In a time when diverse perspectives and ideologies are more important than ever, initiatives like UNITUS provide a platform for individuals to express themselves freely and promote a more balanced and inclusive discourse.

By exercising their freedom of speech and supporting brands that align with their values, individuals can constructively and respectfully contribute to ongoing conversations about social and political issues constructively and respectfully.



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