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NBC Faces Backlash For Report On Discrimination In The Outdoors And Call For ‘Safe Spaces’ For Campers

A recent NBC report discussing the concept of “safe spaces” for outdoor activities and the alleged discrimination faced by campers has sparked controversy and ridicule online. Critics, including the panelists on “Outnumbered,” argue that the report diverts attention from more pressing issues affecting various communities.

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Spotlight on “Black Outdoorsy Groups”

The NBC report sheds light on “Black outdoorsy groups” that aim to reclaim the joys of nature while avoiding harassment and discrimination. One group leader expressed concerns about encountering places adorned with Trump flags, which led to discussions about the need for designated “safe spaces” for minority campers and nature enthusiasts.

Differing Opinions

Various panelists shared their views on the matter. Harris Faulkner, host of “The Faulkner Focus,” expressed skepticism about the prevalence of such issues, noting that she has seen American flags more often than anything else while camping.

Civil Rights Activist’s Perspective

Civil rights activist Bob Woodson defended country music star Jason Aldean against accusations of racism, emphasizing the importance of protecting the community. His input adds to the complexity of the discussion surrounding discrimination in different contexts.

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Criticism from Panelists

Kevin Walling, a former Biden campaign surrogate, labeled the need for safe spaces as “silliness.” He suggested that such debates distract from addressing actual instances of racism.

Turning Attention to Real Needs

Emily Compagno highlighted the need to direct attention towards communities that are genuinely underserved and in need of representation, such as in the ranks of National Park Service rangers.

Addressing a Specific Remark

Ainsley Earhardt criticized the inclusion of a mention of Trump flags in the report, questioning the need for safe spaces in response to it.


The NBC report on discrimination and calls for safe spaces in outdoor activities has sparked strong reactions among panelists and the public alike. Critics argue that the focus should be on more pressing issues faced by various communities, while proponents stress the importance of creating inclusive environments for all campers and nature lovers. The discussion surrounding these topics continues to evolve as different perspectives come to light.

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