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NEA Recommends ‘Gender Queer’ for Educators’ Summer Reading, Ignites Controversy

The National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers union in America, has recommended that educators include the book “Gender Queer” in their summer reading lists. This decision has sparked controversy and raised concerns among parents and critics regarding its content and appropriateness for schools.

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NEA’s Book Recommendation:

The NEA included “Gender Queer” in its “Great Summer Reads for Educators!” list, which features 11 books covering various topics. The book is listed under the “banned books” section, drawing attention to its controversial nature.

Controversial Content:

“Gender Queer,” authored by Maia Kobabe, has faced significant controversy due to its depictions and descriptions of sexual content, including oral sex and discussions on masturbation. Many parents have expressed concerns about the book being available in public school libraries across the country.

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Defense and Explanation:

Maia Kobabe defended the sexually explicit content in an interview with NPR, stating that the book is less explicit than it could be and that it addresses the intersection of gender and sexuality. Kobabe argued that it is essential to discuss these topics to fully explore gender identity and its impact on individuals’ lives.

NEA’s Emphasis on Social Justice:

The NEA’s recommendation of “Gender Queer” aligns with its focus on social justice issues. NEA President Becky Pringle emphasized the importance of addressing racial and social justice as integral to education justice. She highlighted the interconnectedness of various social systems and the need to address issues like housing justice and food inequality.

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Controversy and Concerns:

The inclusion of “Gender Queer” in the NEA’s summer reading list has generated controversy and sparked discussions about the appropriateness of the book for educators and students. Critics argue that the explicit content may not be suitable for school settings and may undermine parental authority and values.


The NEA’s recommendation of “Gender Queer” for educators’ summer reading has ignited controversy and raised questions about the boundaries of appropriate content in schools. The debate highlights the ongoing discussions surrounding the role of educators in shaping students’ understanding of complex and sensitive topics.

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