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Nebraska Man Arrested for Sexual Assault After Posing as a High School Student

A disturbing case unfolded in Lincoln, Nebraska, where a 26-year-old man was arrested for sex crimes after pretending to be a high school student. The suspect allegedly posed as a 17-year-old named Zak Hess and attended high school during the 2022-2023 school year.

The Arrest:

Zachary Scheich, a resident of Lincoln, was charged with two counts of sexual assault through the use of an electronic device and one count of sex trafficking of a minor. These charges are all felonies.

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Discovery and Investigation:

The Lincoln Police Department’s investigation began when Lincoln Public Schools discovered that someone was impersonating a student named Zak Hess. The suspect had initially enrolled at Northwest High School and later transferred to Southeast High School. However, it was later revealed that he had graduated from Lincoln Public Schools in 2015.

Uncovering the Truth:

During the investigation, authorities found that the suspect was actually 26 years old and had attended around 54 days of school. Despite his age, Scheich was able to blend in with the teenage students due to his appearance. It was also revealed that he had engaged in illegal sexual encounters with minors.

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Arrest and Further Investigation:

Men in handcuffs
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Based on the evidence gathered during the investigation, an arrest warrant was issued for Scheich. He was arrested without incident. The police uncovered multiple contacts with juvenile students by the suspect under the false name of Zak Hess.

Action Taken by Lincoln Public Schools:

In light of the incident, Lincoln Public Schools informed parents that they are reviewing their enrollment procedures to prevent such incidents in the future.

Appeal for Information:

Authorities are urging anyone who may have been victimized by the suspect to come forward and contact the police. They can call the Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000, and anonymous tips can be provided through Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600.


This alarming case highlights the need for vigilance in ensuring the safety and security of educational institutions. It also underscores the importance of thorough background checks and verification procedures to prevent individuals with malicious intentions from infiltrating schools. Authorities are encouraging anyone affected by this incident to step forward so that justice can be served.

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