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Neo-Nazis March in Downtown Nashville Stirs Controversy

A small contingent of neo-Nazis stirred controversy in downtown Nashville over the weekend, drawing vocal opposition before departing following a confrontation, according to police reports.

Neo-Nazi Presence in Downtown

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A group of men, identified as neo-Nazis, clad in red long-sleeve t-shirts and black pants, and brandishing black Nazi flags, marched through downtown Nashville, prompting attention and concern.

Police Response

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The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department confirmed the presence of the demonstrators, detailing their attire and movements during the march through the Capitol and downtown areas.

Peaceful Resolution

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Despite the tense atmosphere, no arrests were made, and the demonstrators eventually left the scene in a U-Haul box truck, suggesting they may have hailed from outside the city.

Identifying the Group

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The red shirts worn by the marchers bore the inscription “Blood Tribe,” associated with a white supremacist organization founded in 2021 by a former Marine, Christopher Pohlhaus, known for its aggressive and militant stance.

Focus on LGBTQ+ Events

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The group has garnered attention for disrupting events catering to the LGBTQ+ community, reflecting its hardline stance on issues of race and identity.

Political Response

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State representatives voiced their concerns on social media platforms, attributing the rise of such groups to alleged hate speech fostered by certain political factions within Tennessee.

Criticism from Democratic Lawmakers

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Democratic legislators, including State Rep. Aftyn Behn and State Rep. Justin Jones, condemned the group’s actions and criticized Republican colleagues for purportedly tolerating hate speech.

Governor’s Statement

Governor Bill Lee, a Republican, condemned the neo-Nazi presence, emphasizing Tennessee’s unwavering support for persecuted communities and rejecting any form of antisemitism or Nazism.

Community Reaction

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Video footage captured a counter-demonstrator confronting the marchers, denouncing their actions and urging them to reveal their identities, highlighting the community’s resistance to hate groups.

Final Confrontation

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The counter-demonstrator’s chants of “Cowards” and expletives encapsulated the sentiment of many onlookers as the neo-Nazi group eventually dispersed from the scene.

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