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Nevada Governor Backs Trump for 2024 Presidential Race

Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo has officially endorsed Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential race, expressing his support in an interview with The Nevada Independent.
This endorsement is a significant development in the political landscape as the race for the presidency heats up.

Announcement of Endorsement

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Governor Lombardo announced his support for Trump, stating he plans to caucus for the former president on February 8. This decision comes ahead of Nevada’s February 6 primary, where Trump is not on the ballot.

Reasons Behind Lombardo’s Support


Lombardo cited Trump’s economic and foreign affairs policies as key reasons for his endorsement. He believes Trump’s leadership was more predictable and stable.

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Shift in Lombardo’s Stance

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Previously, Lombardo had refrained from endorsing anyone for the 2024 race. However, he now asserts that Trump is the best candidate available.

Emerson College Nevada Poll

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A Nevada poll by Emerson College shows Trump leading with significant support. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis follows as a distant second in the poll.

GOP Nominating Process in Nevada

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The Nevada GOP will honor the winner of the caucus with delegates. Both Trump and DeSantis have opted for the caucus, while Nikki Haley is the only major candidate in the primary.

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Endorsements Across Republican States

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Governors in key Republican states have made endorsements for the presidential race. Iowa’s Governor Reynolds initially backed DeSantis but has pledged support to Trump if he becomes the nominee.

Stavros Anthony’s Endorsement

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Nevada Lieutenant Governor Stavros Anthony also endorsed Trump. He praised Trump’s first term for its economic impact and his leadership on border security.

Anthony’s Call to Voters

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Anthony encouraged voters to caucus for Trump and vote “none of these candidates” in the primary. He sees this as a step towards national stability and prosperity.

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Trump’s 2022 Support for Lombardo

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President Trump endorsed Lombardo for Nevada governor in 2022. Lombardo’s victory over the then-incumbent Democrat was a significant political shift.

Recent Surge in Trump Endorsements

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Trump has recently received endorsements from several prominent Republicans. These endorsements reflect growing support within the party for his candidacy.

Trump’s Popularity Among Independent Voters

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In a Messenger/Harris national poll, Trump leads President Biden among independent voters. This suggests his strong appeal outside the traditional Republican base.

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Head-to-Head Matchup Poll Results

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In a hypothetical matchup, Trump is shown to lead over Biden. This poll result indicates a competitive race ahead for the presidency.

Poll Methodology and Insights

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The poll surveyed 1,045 registered voters, providing insights into current voter sentiments. The results hint at the dynamics of the upcoming presidential election.

The Political Landscape for 2024

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Lombardo’s endorsement of Trump adds to the evolving political landscape for the 2024 presidential race. It reflects the strategic considerations and alliances forming within the Republican Party.

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Implications of Lombardo’s Endorsement

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Governor Lombardo’s endorsement of Donald Trump is a significant moment in the lead-up to the 2024 election.
It signals a consolidation of support within the GOP and sets the stage for a highly contested presidential race.

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