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Nevada Secretary of State Says There Is ‘No Evidence of Widespread Voter Fraud’

Nevada’s Secretary of State released a report that stated there was no evidence of extensive voter fraud in Nevada in recent years. 

The objective of this report was to ensure the integrity of Nevada’s election system and increase transparency in the electoral process, as part of the state’s new quarterly election investigations.

The report revealed that since 2020, the Secretary of State’s office had conducted various probes, including investigating election fraud reports, double voting cases, and referrals for prosecution. 

However, despite receiving a significant volume of complaints alleging election fraud, the report found no substantial evidence of widespread wrongdoing.

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Only 14 cases were referred for possible prosecution since 2020, indicating a relatively low number of substantiated claims of election fraud. 

The report also detailed 146 instances of “double voting” cases from 2022, representing a minute fraction of ballots cast in the general election.

The office investigated numerous cases, including referrals for further investigation and prosecution. 

However, many were closed without any further action due to lack of evidence or violation. 

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The report emphasized the rarity of election fraud cases in Nevada and the negligible impact on the electoral process.

Six cases were investigated from the 2024 presidential primary, and most were closed without any violation. 

The Secretary of State’s Office received a total of 100 Election Integrity Violation Reports since 2023, with the majority of cases closed without finding any violation.

Secretary of State Francisco Aguilar highlighted the importance of transparency and accountability in election integrity efforts. 

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He stated that the surge in reported cases partly stems from misunderstandings of election laws and attempts to overwhelm the office with unfounded allegations during election cycles.

Aguilar reassured the public that his office takes every allegation seriously and investigates them thoroughly. 

The report also highlighted the significant increase in resources allocated to the investigations team, consisting of civil and criminal investigators, supported by the entire office, emphasizing the office’s commitment to upholding election integrity.

The release of the report signals a proactive approach to combating misinformation and ensuring the credibility of Nevada’s electoral process.

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