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New Hampshire AG Traces Fake Biden Calls to Texas Firm

Fake phone calls featuring an AI-generated clone of President Biden traced back to a Texas-based firm spark investigation by New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella.

The fraudulent calls aimed at suppressing voter turnout prompt swift action from law enforcement.

Voter Suppression Unveiled

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New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office launches investigation into fraudulent phone calls urging voters not to participate in the Jan. 23 primary.

The discovery underscores the threat of voter suppression tactics ahead of elections.

Tracing the Source

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The source of the fake calls is traced to a Texas-based firm called Life Corporation and an individual named Walter Monk.

Attorney General Formella’s office issued a cease-and-desist letter for violating voter suppression laws.

Legal Action Taken

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Life Corporation receives a cease-and-desist letter for violating voter suppression laws.

Attorney General Formella’s office issues subpoenas for documents and records as part of the ongoing investigation.

Importance of Electoral Integrity

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AG Formella emphasizes the importance of public confidence in the electoral process.

The use of AI-generated recordings to deceive voters threatens democratic principles and electoral integrity.

Collaboration and Vigilance

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Collaboration between law enforcement, regulatory agencies, and industry partners demonstrates vigilance in monitoring and investigating threats to the democratic process.

AG Formella acknowledges the swift action of task forces in addressing the issue.

Potential Legal Ramifications

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Life Corporation and individuals involved could face charges of Class B felonies.

AG Formella’s office explores additional potential charges as part of the ongoing investigation into voter suppression tactics.

Response from ElevenLabs

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ElevenLabs, an associated company, expresses commitment to addressing misuse but refrains from commenting on specific incidents.

The company asserts its readiness to assist authorities in addressing such issues.

Deceptive Phone Calls

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The illegal robocalls impersonated President Biden, urging recipients not to vote in the New Hampshire primary.

The deceptive calls employed AI-generated recordings to mislead voters.

Voter Manipulation

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Fake calls utilized President Biden’s catchphrase and misinformation to manipulate recipients into abstaining from the primary election.

The deceptive tactics aimed to sway voter behavior.

Scale of Misinformation

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Thousands of fraudulent phone calls are estimated to have been made, ranging between 5,000 to 25,000.

The widespread dissemination of misinformation highlights the seriousness of the voter suppression attempt.

Telecom Involvement

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Investigation reveals Lingo Telecom as the voice service provider for many of the fake calls.

Lingo Telecom suspends services to Life Corporation following the investigation.

Enforcement Action

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The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau orders Lingo Telecom to cease permitting illegal robocall traffic on its networks.

Regulatory intervention aims to prevent further misuse of telecom services for fraudulent activities.

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