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New Hampshire Governor Suggests Support for Trump in Potential Rematch with Biden

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, a Republican and known critic of former President Trump, hinted in a recent interview that he would potentially choose Trump over President Biden in a rematch for the 2024 election.

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During a podcast interview with Puck News’s Tara Palmeri on “Somebody’s Gotta Win With Tara Palmeri,” Sununu was questioned about his voting preference for the upcoming presidential election.

When Palmeri directly asked if he would vote for Trump against Biden, Sununu replied, “I’m a Republican.” Pressed further, the governor expressed his belief that the 2024 election wouldn’t be a choice between Trump and Biden.

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According to Sununu, the political party that moves on from their current candidate first will have a better chance of winning. He emphasized that Americans are eager for something new and a fresh generation of leaders. Sununu stated, “Enough of this old, old-school crap, we need to move forward.

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And so any new candidate on either side is going to win this election.”

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Sununu’s remarks come as recent national polling suggests a potential rematch between Trump and Biden in the 2024 election. A November poll conducted by New York Times and Siena College revealed that in five out of six battleground states, Trump surpassed Biden in popularity.

While Sununu has not yet endorsed any candidate for the GOP primary, he has been actively campaigning alongside Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley, and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

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