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New Mexico Governor Faces Impeachment Threat Over Gun Restriction Laws

Two Republican lawmakers in New Mexico have introduced a resolution intending to initiate impeachment proceedings against Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.
The resolution concerns the governor’s emergency public health orders, temporarily suspending the right to carry firearms in areas of greater Albuquerque, including parks and playgrounds.

Republican Legislators’ Accusations

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The resolution was jointly filed by Representatives Stefani Lord of Sandia Park and John Block of Alamogordo.
They assert that Governor Lujan Grisham has violated her oath to uphold state and federal constitutions.

Acting Like a Dictator

Representative Lord, the founder of the advocacy group Pro-Gun Women, emphasized that “The point is that she has too much power. We’re just trying to say to her, ‘You have too much power, you’re acting like a dictator. … And we’re going to impeach you.'”

Strong Accusations Against Governor

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In a statement obtained by CBS News, Representative Lord referred to Governor Lujan Grisham as a “disgrace to New Mexico” and underlined that the rights of the state’s residents should not be subject to debate.

She Will Never Succeed

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She said, “No matter how hard Lujan Grisham tries to violate the constitution, she will never succeed.”

Governor Would Have Anticipated Legal Action

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Representative Block accused the governor of “violating the Constitution to make a political statement,” pointing out that Governor Lujan Grisham had anticipated legal challenges when implementing the restrictions.

Governor’s Response

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Responding to the impeachment resolution, Governor Lujan Grisham’s spokesperson, Maddy Hayden, criticized the resolution’s sponsors.
Hayden stated that the two legislators seemed more interested in political stunts than in crafting meaningful legislation.

Mocking Previous Bills

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She cited examples of their bills, which included criminalizing necrophilia and offering sex offenders early release from prison in exchange for chemical castration procedures.
She dismissed the impeachment effort, saying, “There’s not much to say in direct response to this inane effort.”

Legislator’s Statement and Uncertain Fate of Resolution

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Following the filing of the resolution on Wednesday, Representative Stefani Lord posted a statement on social media platform X, reiterating that “The rights of the New Mexicans are not up for debate, and no matter how hard Lujan Grisham tries to violate the constitution, I will be there to stand firm against her tyranny.”  

Unlikely To Move Forward

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However, it remains uncertain whether the resolution, which outlines articles of impeachment, will progress to public committee deliberations in the state House.
Democrats currently outnumber Republicans by 45 to 25 in the state House.

Governor’s Background and Gun Control Measures

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, a second-term Democrat, had implemented the emergency orders in response to a surge in gun violence, including the tragic shooting death of an 11-year-old boy near a minor league baseball stadium.

Orders Challenged in Court

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Gun rights advocates have challenged these orders in court, seeking intervention from the New Mexico Supreme Court to halt their enforcement.
In federal courts, a judge has permitted the continuation of the firearm provision’s enforcement while legal challenges proceed.

Governor’s Recent Address and Legislative Session

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Governor Lujan Grisham recently delivered her second State of the State address, advocating for a comprehensive gun safety package.

Proposed Measures

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Her proposed measures include a ban on assault weapons, raising the minimum legal purchase age for all firearms to 21, implementing a 14-day waiting period, stricter penalties for felons possessing firearms, prohibiting firearms in parks and playgrounds, and granting law enforcement the authority to issue Extreme Risk Protection Orders for individuals deemed dangerous to themselves or others.

New Mexico Legislative Sessions Agenda

The New Mexico legislative session has commenced, and lawmakers might consider a range of firearm-related proposals from the governor aiming to address gun violence.
These proposals encompass a permanent statewide ban on firearms in public parks and playgrounds.

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