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New Winter Addition Planned for the White House with ‘Holiday Ice Rink’

The White House has exciting plans for the holiday season as they prepare to unveil a new ice rink on the South Lawn. Jill Biden, the first lady, will reveal the “2023 White House Holiday Ice Rink” this Wednesday, according to her press office.

Credit: DepositPhotos

However, when questioned for more information about this frosty attraction, the White House remained tight-lipped, only stating that more details would be shared soon.

Interestingly, figure skating has already taken place at the White House in the past. Back in 1980, then-President Jimmy Carter organized a holiday party that featured an ice stage on the South Lawn.

Olympic figure skater Peggy Fleming graced the stage with her performance at this chilly event.

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The announcement of the ice rink coincided with Jill Biden unveiling this year’s White House holiday theme: “Magic, Wonder, and Joy.” As part of the holiday decorations’ grand reveal, Biden recently hosted a reception for military families, which included a special appearance by the cast of the North American tour of the Broadway show “Frozen.”

Credit: DepositPhotos

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Quoting a White House official, the statement from their press office said, “The 2023 White House Holiday Ice Rink is set to bring joy and excitement to all who visit. Stay tuned for more details on this enchanting addition to the South Lawn.”

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