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New York AG Letitia James Claims Trump Lawyers Might Have Withheld Evidence in Trump Fraud Trial

New York Attorney General Letitia James has raised concerns that former President Donald Trump’s legal team may have withheld crucial evidence during last year’s civil fraud trial.

This development follows revelations that Trump’s penthouse was significantly smaller than claimed — a key piece of misinformation that played a part in the case.

During the trial, it was disclosed that Trump had exaggerated the size of his Manhattan penthouse in financial statements used to secure favorable bank terms.

Originally claimed to be 30,000 square feet, the actual size was about a third of that, under 11,000 square feet.

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Allen Weisselberg, the former CFO of the Trump Organization, recently admitted to perjury, acknowledging he lied under oath during the 2023 trial.

His confession has led to a five-month prison sentence and has reopened scrutiny into the handling of evidence.

Weisselberg’s guilty plea has prompted Attorney General James to revisit the trial proceedings.

She pointed out to the court that crucial email exchanges confirming the true size of Trump’s penthouse were not disclosed during the trial.

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James’s office has argued that the discovery of new evidence suggests potential misconduct by Trump’s defense team and has requested a forensic review of the Trump Organization’s electronic records, a move opposed by Trump’s lawyers.

“Mr. Weisselberg has admitted that he perjured himself during discovery and the trial in this action,” wrote James’ team. 

The statement continued, “The Court is well within its authority to determine if Defendants and their counsel facilitated that perjury by withholding of incriminating documents.”

Trump’s legal team has contested the need for additional data scrutiny, describing it as an overreach of the appointed monitor’s powers. 

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This has sparked a legal debate over the extent of investigative reach in civil fraud cases.

The legal battle might not pose direct repercussions for Trump himself, but his attorneys could face sanctions if found guilty of deliberately withholding evidence.

Legal experts suggest that James’s actions are not baseless and indicate serious procedural concerns that could impact the defense’s credibility.

Aside from his recent conviction, Weisselberg’s credibility as a witness in future trials, including Trump’s upcoming cases related to hush payments and business records, has been severely undermined. 

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His status as a convicted perjurer could diminish his utility in defending Trump.

Following his legal battles, Weisselberg’s attorney has stated that the former CFO aims to retire quietly, hoping to put the controversies behind him and return to his family.

As Attorney General Letitia James presses for further investigation into the handling of trial evidence, the legal saga surrounding Donald Trump and his associates continues to unravel, highlighting ongoing issues of transparency and accountability in high-profile legal disputes.

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