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New York Deploys 750 National Guard Members to Check Bags on Subway 

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has taken a bold step to enhance safety in the city’s subway system by deploying 750 soldiers from the state’s National Guard.

Additional Security Support

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Alongside the National Guard, 250 additional officers from the New York State Police and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Police will join the effort to secure the busiest stations.

Aimed at Deterring Crime

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This significant deployment aims to deter crime following recent high-profile assaults on commuters and transit workers.

Crime Rates and Public Perception

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Despite a 15% decrease in subway crimes in February compared to the previous year, Hochul stressed that statistics alone do not reassure commuters.

The Psychological Impact of Crime

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“Saying things are getting better doesn’t make you feel better,” Hochul stated, emphasizing the psychological effects of hearing about violent incidents on the subway.

The Role of the National Guard

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The soldiers, lacking arrest powers in peacetime, will support police officers who do, enhancing safety measures across the subway system.

Mayor Eric Adams’ Response

Credit: DepositPhotos – Mayor Eric Adams Press Conference on excessive heat wave in NYC. July 27, 2023, New York, USA: New York City Mayor, Eric Adams explains and warns of the dangers of exessive heat on the body and what the city is willing to do to protect — Photo by thenews2.com

Mayor Eric Adams, aligning with Hochul’s efforts, deployed about 1,000 city police officers to patrol the subways after an uptick in crime.

Crime in Perspective

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Adams highlighted the rarity of crime in one of the world’s most extensive subway networks, where around six felony crimes occur daily amidst over 4 million trips.

Reinstating Bag Checks

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To further ensure security, Adams announced the return of bag checks, a practice aimed at preemptively addressing potential threats.

Public Reaction to Troop Deployment

Credit: DepositPhotos – TIMES SQUARE, NEW YORK, USA – OCTOBER 8, 2018: urban scene with crowded times square in new york, usa — Photo by IgorVetushko

The Riders Alliance, a New York advocacy group for commuters, expressed concerns that the deployment could increase the perception of crime rather than comfort the commuting public.

Year-Over-Year Crime Statistics

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While there were slight decreases in robberies and thefts on the subway in February, the overall number of assaults remained steady compared to the previous year.

Highlighting Recent Assaults

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Hochul cited a recent attack on a subway conductor as an example of the violence that has spurred the need for enhanced security measures.

Impact on Transit Workers

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Recent assaults have not only endangered transit workers but have also led to service disruptions as MTA employees demanded better safety protocols.

Installing Security Cameras

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As part of the security enhancement, new cameras will be installed in conductor cabins to improve the monitoring and safety of transit workers.

Legislative Actions for Safety

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Hochul pressed for passing a law that allows individuals who assault workers and commuters to be banned from the subway, aiming to create a safer transit environment for all.

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