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New York Group to Launch $9 Million Youth Voter Drive Ahead of 2024 Federal Elections

Organize New York, a nonpartisan initiative created by a liberal group, aims to register and mobilize young voters in New York ahead of the 2024 federal elections. With a budget of $9 million, this initiative plans to focus its efforts on New York’s six battleground House districts where President Joe Biden carried victory in 2020.

While the project is nonpartisan, it receives funding and support from the Democratic group, End Citizens United, which seeks to amplify youth voices and encourage their participation in democracy.

Mobilizing Young Voters:

Organize New York intends to employ field organizers, financing digital advertisements, and direct-mail items to engage with young voters in the identified districts. Their primary objective is to register and educate 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students aged 18 to 26. Major college campuses such as Syracuse University, Binghamton University, and SUNY New Paltz are among the target areas.

Through events, advertising, and messaging, the group aims to highlight the importance of voting, focusing on issues such as campaign finance reform, climate change, gun violence, abortion rights, and student loan relief.

The Turnout Operation:

In the final stage, Organize New York plans to conduct a massive turnout operation targeting 18 to 26-year-olds who did not vote in the 2022 elections. Their goal is to secure 90,000 pledges from this age cohort to vote in the upcoming federal elections.

By engaging young voters and empowering them to participate in the democratic process, the initiative aims to address their frustrations with a broken system and make a positive impact on politics.

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Complementary Efforts:

Organize New York is just one of several Democratic or progressive-backed efforts in New York with the goal of helping Democrats regain control of the House. House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries is spearheading a coordinated campaign within the New York State Democratic Party, aiming to centralize efforts to take back GOP-held House seats.

Additionally, Battleground New York, supported by labor unions and groups like the Working Families Party, plans to spend at least $10 million on field organizing for voters of all ages. These initiatives recognize the need for increased political engagement in New York and aim to address the weaknesses Democrats faced in the 2022 elections.

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With a $9 million budget, Organize New York’s nonpartisan initiative seeks to register and mobilize young voters in New York ahead of the 2024 federal elections. By focusing on battleground House districts, engaging college students, and highlighting significant issues, the initiative aims to address the political apathy among the youth and inspire their participation in democracy.

These efforts are part of a broader strategy by Democratic and progressive-backed organizations to regain control of the House in New York and create meaningful change in the state’s political landscape.

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