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New York Residents Urged To Put Up ‘No Trespassing’ Signs To Stop Squatters

In New York, ABC 7 Eyewitness News has spotlighted the growing concern of squatter occupation in homes and proposed practical measures for residents to safeguard their properties. 

Reporters Dan Krauth and Nina Pineda elucidated how under current New York law, squatters can establish rights after residing in a property for 30 days, presenting a legal nightmare for homeowners.

This issue has caught public attention following the viral story of Adele Andeloro, a property owner arrested for attempting to reclaim her home from squatters. 

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Although charges against Andeloro were dropped, the squatters continue to occupy her property, reflecting a broader problem faced by many New Yorkers entangled in prolonged legal disputes to evict uninvited dwellers.

ABC 7’s investigation has prompted a flood of similar complaints from homeowners ensnared in battles to eject squatters. 

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With legislative changes pending, the reporters have shared tips to prevent squatter settlement, emphasizing the importance of notifying local police when a property will be vacant, installing security systems for surveillance, and the simple yet effective step of displaying “No Trespassing” signs. 

They advised taking a time-stamped photo of the sign as evidence that it was posted before any squatter’s arrival, bolstering homeowners’ legal standing.

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Republican Assemblyman Jake Blumencranz has proposed legislation to redefine squatters as trespassers rather than tenants, enabling law enforcement to act more decisively. 

Until such laws are enacted, New Yorkers are urged to take proactive steps to protect their homes from unauthorized occupation, underscoring the urgency of this growing issue.

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