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New York Times’ Supposed Cover-Up: The Biden Family Corruption Ignored?

Amidst mounting allegations of Biden family corruption, readers of the New York Times might be surprised by the lack of coverage on the matter. The so-called “paper of record” has been accused of downplaying significant revelations regarding President Biden’s involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings. As the House Oversight Committee prepares to interview Devon Archer, Hunter’s former business partner, the potential impact on the Biden presidency is causing concerns among Democrats.

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The Times’ Silence:

The New York Times has seemingly disregarded the extensive allegations of Biden family corruption, which include accusations of seeking bribes and participating in questionable business activities in China, Russia, and Ukraine. Despite the gravity of these claims, the “paper of record” has provided minimal coverage, leaving many readers unaware of the unfolding political scandal.

Evidence of Wrongdoings:

Congressional investigators have presented substantial evidence, including bank records, text messages, and whistleblower accounts, alleging that Hunter Biden and other family members received millions in exchange for access to then-Vice President Joe Biden. Claims suggest that Joe Biden was not only aware of but potentially profited directly from these activities. Notably, an FBI informant has reported that Joe Biden sought a $5 million payoff for himself and his son from a Ukrainian oligarch.

The Times’ Reporting Priorities:

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The New York Times’ coverage has focused on Donald Trump’s trial on classified documents charges, with little attention to the ongoing investigations into Biden’s alleged possession of secret papers. Critics argue that the Times’ selective reporting aims to protect President Biden from scrutiny, including concerns about his mental acuity.

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Democrats’ Strategy:

In 2024, Democrats and their media allies might attempt to distract the public with legal accusations and hearings targeting Trump’s alleged misdeeds. However, they might face skepticism from a majority of Americans who question the motivations behind such attacks. The ongoing investigation into Biden’s possession of classified documents could potentially become a point of contention.


As allegations of Biden family corruption continue to surface, the New York Times’ reluctance to cover the unfolding scandal has raised eyebrows among readers. The potential implications on the Biden presidency and public perception might prompt further scrutiny and calls for transparency.

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