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New York Union Workers Express Strong Support for Trump After Personal Visit

Former President Donald Trump recently visited a New York City construction site, igniting considerable enthusiasm among the workers, according to members of Steamfitters Local 638. 

The visit, which featured chants of “four more years,” highlighted the strong support Trump continues to enjoy from segments of the union workforce.

During his visit, Trump was greeted warmly by hundreds of union workers and fans eager for photos and autographs. 

Gary Zuto and Ronald Dioguard, two members of Steamfitters Local 638, shared their positive views on Trump’s leadership and commitment to the nation in a Fox News interview.

“We all love him,” said Gary on The Bottom Line after meeting the former President. “He takes care of the country, the country that we live in, and that’s what we love.”

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Trump’s appearance at the construction site came at a critical time as he faces a trial and a Supreme Court hearing concerning presidential immunity. 

He expressed gratitude for what he described as an “amazing show of affection” from the workers, which provided a morale boost before his court appearance.

Zuto and Dioguard praised Trump for his dedication to the country, noting that his actions as president resonated well with their colleagues, many of whom visibly support him on the job. 

Stickers and symbols of endorsement for Trump are common among the workers’ gear, indicating strong grassroots support.

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The union workers voiced their approval of Trump’s economic policies, particularly his approach to energy and immigration. 

They expressed concerns about the impact of illegal immigration on their jobs and the broader economic challenges of high living costs affecting everyday Americans.

According to Dioguard and Zuto, approximately two-thirds of their fellow union members are likely to support Trump in the upcoming election. 

This widespread backing within their ranks underscores a deep alignment with Trump’s “America First” agenda, resonating particularly around issues of employment and national economic policies.

Dioguard shared his personal excitement about Trump’s visit, which he anticipated eagerly, seeing it as a significant contrast to current political figures who he feels could not connect as genuinely with working-class voters. 

Zuto humorously noted the absence of local amenities like ice cream stores that would attract other politicians to their work sites, in a nod to President Joe Biden’s known habits.

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Credits: DepositPhotos

The union members highlighted several pressing issues, from the housing of illegal immigrants in New York City, whom they claim are undercutting local wages, to the broader economic pressures of high fuel prices and inflation affecting the ability to afford basic necessities and housing.

Trump’s interaction with the union workers didn’t just bolster morale; it also emphasized the potential political influence such groups could wield in upcoming elections. 

Dioguard’s recounting of his conversation with Trump about the latter’s prospects in New York highlights the strategic importance of such support.

Overall, the support from Local 638 members stems not only from personal admiration for Trump but also from a solid agreement with his policy priorities, which they believe more closely align with their interests compared to current governmental strategies.

As the political season heats up, the endorsement from significant segments of the blue-collar workforce in New York could play a pivotal role in shaping the electoral landscape, reflecting broader national sentiments among similar demographics.