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Nikki Haley Emerges as Leading Contender to Challenge Trump in GOP Race

According to interviews with voters, operatives, and polling data, Nikki Haley has surpassed Ron DeSantis as the top alternative to Donald Trump in the Republican presidential race.

While Trump maintains a significant lead in state and national surveys, Haley has made significant gains in key primary states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. In addition to her rising poll numbers, Haley has attracted attention from affluent donors and is generating larger crowds at campaign events.

However, Haley faces numerous challenges, including the difficulty of distancing herself from Trump in a party where he is widely popular, criticism over her shifting positions on important issues, and questions about the strength of her ground game.

Nevertheless, Haley’s campaign sees a favorable path forward, particularly with a strong showing in South Carolina, which could set her up for a one-on-one showdown with Trump in her home state.

Haley’s campaign strategy focuses on building support in New Hampshire, where she recently criticized both President Biden and fellow Republicans. She has been targeted by attacks from critics who question her moderate stance and her previous support for China and hawkish foreign policies.

While DeSantis still outperforms Haley in national polls, his Iowa focus allows her to gain ground in other states. Haley has deflected attacks by emphasizing her ability to win races and confidently warning opponents that she “kicks back.”

However, many concerns remain about potential sexism within the GOP, as Haley is the only woman in the race.

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At a recent town hall in Nashua, some attendees expressed a desire for Haley and Christie to form a united front against Trump. While Christie did not commit to the idea, several voters imagined a scenario where the two would join forces as a “fantasy ticket.”

A recent poll of New Hampshire Republican voters found Trump leading with 46 percent support, followed by Haley at 18 percent, Christie at 11 percent, and DeSantis at 7 percent.

New Hampshire’s more lenient abortion policies and the ability of independent voters to participate in primary elections work in Haley’s favor.

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Despite Haley’s growing popularity, Trump remains a dominant force in both New Hampshire and the wider country. He continues to receive broad support from white, working-class Republicans.

Haley’s campaign has a smaller presence in Iowa compared to DeSantis and Trump, but she has received significant attention and drawn large crowds at events.

Meanwhile, some Iowans are torn between Haley and DeSantis, with both candidates having their strengths and weaknesses. For example, one voter found DeSantis to be stiff and unapproachable, while Haley’s personality stood out.

As Haley gains momentum, organizations aligned with DeSantis are actively working against her. Fight Right, a new outside group with ties to DeSantis, is expected to spend nearly $1 million on ads attacking Haley.

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The group’s directors have close connections to DeSantis, and some of his donors have been critical of a pro-DeSantis super PAC. DeSantis’s team argues that Haley lacks appeal among Trump supporters and that every dollar spent on her campaign benefits Trump. However, many Republicans believe that challenging Trump’s dominance is futile given his strong support within the party.

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Haley’s rise in the race has attracted the attention of wealthy GOP donors who want to prevent Trump from securing the nomination. Some donors are drawn to Haley’s positions on abortion and foreign policy, particularly her support for Israel.

The competition for donors between Haley and DeSantis has intensified in recent months, with influential figures like Paul Singer, Ken Griffin, and Kelly and Joe Craft involved.

Griffin, the CEO of Citadel, has expressed interest in supporting Haley, and Eric Levine, a prominent New York attorney and donor, is raising money for her campaign.

While some are calling for lower-polling candidates to suspend their bids and endorse Haley, others, like Christie, are focused on defeating Trump rather than consolidating the field.

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