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NJ School District to Pay $9.1M Settlement to Family of Bullied Girl Who Took Her Own Life

Tragic End to Bullying Ordeal

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A New Jersey school district has agreed to pay a staggering $9.1 million settlement to the family of Mallory Grossman, a 12-year-old middle school student who tragically died by suicide in 201The devastating incident occurred after Mallory endured relentless bullying from her peers for an estimated nine months.

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Sparks National Debate

Dianne and Seth Grossman, the grieving parents of Mallory, filed a 30-page wrongful death lawsuit in 2018 against Rockaway Township, its school district, and school board. The suit alleged that despite numerous pleas and communications regarding the bullying, school administrators failed to take appropriate action, leading to Mallory’s untimely death.

Strong Signal to Combat Bullying

The landmark settlement has ignited a national conversation about bullying and teen suicide, a topic that demands urgent attention. Bruce Nagel, the Grossman family attorney, hopes that the substantial settlement serves as a clear message to schools across the country, urging them to proactively prevent bullying and its devastating consequences.

Rising Youth Suicides Demand Action

The tragic case of Mallory Grossman highlights the distressing trend of youth suicide attempts, which has continued to rise since 201The coronavirus pandemic further exacerbated the issue as schools shifted to online learning, leading to increased mental health challenges for children and teenagers.

Bullying Extends to Social Media

The bullying that Mallory endured was not limited to her school premises but also extended to the virtual world. Social media apps, including Snapchat, became platforms for her tormentors to perpetrate emotional harm, further amplifying her distress.

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Heartbreaking Details Emerge

The lawsuit revealed harrowing details of Mallory’s torment, with bullies subjecting her to hurtful taunts, such as “You have no friends,” and even making horrifying comments about her life. The day before her suicide, Mallory was publicly humiliated at the school cafeteria, adding to the unbearable weight of her suffering.

Turning Tragedy into Advocacy

Despite their immense grief, the Grossman family established the nonprofit “Mallory’s Army” to raise awareness about the dangers of bullying and advocate for change in schools and communities. The settlement will empower them to continue their mission in educating the public and promoting a culture of compassion and empathy.

Remembering Mallory’s Spirit

Mallory Grossman was a vibrant, all-American girl who loved cheerleading, gymnastics, and crafting. Her family fondly remembers her creative spirit and sensitivity. Tragically, Mallory’s hypersensitivity to the bullying was overlooked, and her family hopes to prevent similar oversights in the future.

Urgent Call for Action

As bullying remains a serious concern in schools, parents, teachers, and administrators must remain vigilant. The American Psychological Association offers guidance on identifying signs of distress and fostering resilience in children. It is crucial to create safe environments and open dialogues to protect young minds from the devastating consequences of bullying.

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