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North America’s “Tallest, Fastest” Giga Roller Coaster Temporarily Closes Due to Defect

Carowinds amusement park in North Carolina temporarily closed its flagship roller coaster, Fury 325, after a visitor noticed a crack in one of the support pillars while people were on the ride. The park took immediate action, closing the roller coaster and conducting a thorough inspection to address the safety concern. Fury 325 is known as North America’s tallest, fastest, and longest giga roller coaster, offering thrilling speeds and dramatic drops. Let’s delve into the details of the incident and the subsequent closure of the ride.

Credit: DepositPhotos

Key Details

Visitor Discovers Crack

Jeremy Wagner, a visitor at Carowinds amusement park, spotted a crack in the support pillar of the Fury 325 giga roller coaster. Recognizing the potential danger, he promptly reported the issue to park officials.

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Temporary Closure and Inspection

Upon being notified, Carowinds closed down Fury 325 and initiated a thorough inspection of the ride. The park’s maintenance team is conducting the inspection to assess the extent of the defect and ensure the safety of riders.

Safety Protocols and Guest Appreciation

Carowinds prioritizes safety and values its guests’ understanding and patience during the closure. The park’s comprehensive safety protocols include daily inspections of all rides, including Fury 325, to ensure proper functioning and structural integrity.

Fury 325’s Impressive Features

Fury 325 is hailed as North America’s tallest, fastest, and longest giga coaster. It reaches speeds of up to 95 mph and features a peak height of 325 feet, followed by a thrilling 81-degree drop.

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No Injuries Reported

Fortunately, no injuries occurred as a result of the crack in the support pillar. Prompt action by the visitor and the park’s response ensured the safety of riders.


The temporary closure of Carowinds’ Fury 325 roller coaster serves as an example of the park’s commitment to guest safety. Vigilant observation of a visitor led to the identification of a crack in the support pillar, prompting immediate action and thorough inspection by the park’s maintenance team. Carowinds, known for its thrilling rides, including Fury 325, remains dedicated to ensuring the proper functioning and structural integrity of its attractions. The closure allows for necessary repairs to be made, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for future riders.

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