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Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Bracing for Heavy Snow and Hazardous Ice from Incoming Winter Storm

A substantial winter storm is set to strike the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. The worst weather conditions are anticipated over the next few days. 

Snowfall Predictions 

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From western Maryland to southern Maine, significant snow accumulation is expected. The National Weather Service issued a warning on Friday about severe ice, heightening the risk of dangerous roads. 

Areas of Heaviest Snow 

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The Hudson Valley, western Connecticut, Massachusetts, and southern New Hampshire are bracing for the heaviest snowfall. Manchester, N.H., is forecasted to receive between 6 inches and a foot of snow, as per local meteorologists. 

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Ice Forecast in Appalachia 

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As the storm progresses north and east, heavy ice is predicted for the Appalachian region. This poses a threat to travel across the area. 

Major Cities Likely Spared 

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Major East Coast cities are expected to largely escape the brunt of the storm. Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia are unlikely to see significant snowfall due to warmer temperatures leading to rain and sleet. 

New York City and Boston Weather Outlook 

Credit: Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels

New York City might experience light snow, but substantial snowfall is not expected. Boston, however, could witness up to 5 inches of snow this weekend. 

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National Weather Service Advisory 

Credit: NASA from NASA CC0 Images

The National Weather Service expressed on Friday a growing confidence in heavy snowfall for the interior Mid-Atlantic and New England. They highlighted uncertainty in the rain-snow transition zone stretching from southeast Pennsylvania to southern New England. 

Potential Risks in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts 

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Heavy, wet snow coupled with gusty winds in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts might lead to power outages and tree damage. The National Weather Service cautioned about these potential impacts. 

Coastal Flooding Concerns 

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Gusty onshore winds may result in minor flooding along the Mid-Atlantic and southern New England coasts. The Sunday morning high tide cycle is particularly at risk for this flooding. 

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Preparations Underway 

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Local authorities and residents in the affected areas are preparing for the incoming storm. Measures are being taken to mitigate the impact of the severe weather conditions. 

Emergency Services on Alert 

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Emergency services across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic are on high alert. They are ready to respond to any incidents resulting from the storm. 

Public Advisory 

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Residents are advised to stay informed about the weather updates. They are encouraged to take necessary precautions to ensure safety during this winter storm. 

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