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Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions Anticipate Heavy Snowfall

Meteorologists are anticipating major winter storms for the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. These storms could be the largest in years.

January Weather Shift

Credit: Getty Images

NBC News’s weather experts have issued a warning for January. They predict a colder and more active weather pattern across a vast area of the U.S.

Extended Snowless Periods

Credit: Marccophoto via Getty Images

Eastern cities are currently experiencing unusually long periods without significant snowfall. This includes not having an inch or more of snow within a 24-hour timeframe.

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Unseasonably Warm Christmas

Credit: DepositPhotos

The recent Christmas holiday was exceptionally warm in many parts of the country. Record-high temperatures were observed between December 21st and 27th.

Cities Brace for Storms

Credit: Willowpix via Getty Images

Major cities like Washington, Philadelphia, and New York City are preparing for impending winter storms. These storms are expected to hit between Saturday and Monday.

Record-Low Snowfall in 2023

Credit: Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels

According to the National Weather Service, the year 2023 has had exceptionally low snowfall in the region. This year set a new record for low snow levels.

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NWS Confirms Low Snowfall

Credit: DVB60 from Getty Images

The NWS confirmed the low snowfall in a recent online post. They reported that Central Park in New York City had only 2.3 inches of snow, the least in recorded history.

Significant Storm on the Horizon

Credit: njw1224 from Getty Images Signature

NBC News’s meteorologists are closely monitoring a significant winter storm. This storm is expected to affect the I-95 corridor from Richmond, Va., to New York City.

Uncertain Snowfall Totals

Credit: BanksPhotos from Getty Images Signature

The exact snowfall totals of the upcoming storm are still uncertain. However, its impact along the I-95 corridor is considered highly likely.

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Potential Coastal Storm

Credit: Nejron

The New York NWS office has reported the possibility of a strong coastal storm. This storm could emerge late Saturday into Sunday.

Forecasting Challenges

Credit: SpiffyJ from Getty Images Signature

Forecasters are still grappling with uncertainties regarding the storm’s specifics. Details like the rain/snow line and snowfall amounts will become clearer in the next few days.

Updates on Weather System

Credit: NASA from NASA CC0 Images

NWS forecasters provided updates on X, previously known as Twitter. They noted the challenges in forecasting the upcoming weather system.

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