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NVIDIA Faces Lawsuit for Alleged Trade Secret Theft After Revealing Rival’s Code

NVIDIA, the renowned tech company, is currently dealing with a legal dispute filed by French automotive firm Valeo, following a screensharing mishap by one of its employees.

Valeo claims that Mohammad Moniruzzaman, a former employee of their company who now works for NVIDIA, unintentionally displayed their source code files on his screen during a joint meeting in 2022. Quick to react, Valeo employees captured screenshots of the code before Moniruzzaman was alerted to his error.

It’s worth noting that Valeo and NVIDIA were collaborating on an advanced parking and driving assistance technology, which a manufacturer would offer to its customers.

Previously, Valeo had been responsible for the software and hardware aspects of the manufacturer’s parking assistance technology. However, in 2021, the larger corporation secured the contract for developing the parking assistance software.

In Valeo’s lawsuit, they alleged that Moniruzzaman, their former employee who had contributed to the development of their own parking and driving assistance systems, realized that his access to Valeo’s proprietary technologies would make him highly valuable to NVIDIA.

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According to the lawsuit, Moniruzzaman unauthorizedly granted his personal email access to Valeo’s systems and proceeded to steal “tens of thousands of files” and 6GB of source code shortly afterward.

A few months later, he left Valeo, taking the stolen information with him upon securing a senior position at NVIDIA. Due to his involvement in the same project, Moniruzzaman was present at the mentioned video conference where the blunder occurred.

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Valeo stated that their former employee confessed to stealing their software, and when German authorities raided Moniruzzaman’s home, they discovered their documentation and hardware displayed on his walls.

In September, a German court convicted him of infringing on business secrets and ordered him to pay €14,400 ($15,750).

In a letter dated June 2022, NVIDIA’s legal team informed Valeo’s counsel that the company had no interest in their code or alleged trade secrets. They emphasized that NVIDIA had taken immediate and concrete actions to safeguard their client’s rights.

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However, despite this response, Valeo proceeded to file a lawsuit against NVIDIA, accusing them of illicitly benefiting from stolen trade secrets and earning substantial profits without proper entitlement.

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This incident is yet another example of the escalating competition within the autonomous driving market. In 2017, Waymo accused Uber of collusion with their former employee, Anthony Levandowski, in stealing over 14,000 confidential and proprietary design files.

Levandowski was sentenced to 18 months in prison, but he received a pardon from then-President Donald Trump after six months.

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