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NY Attorney General Calls for Full Bond Coverage in Trump’s $464 Million Fraud Case

New York Attorney General Letitia James’ attorneys have asserted that those indicted in the civil fraud trial, including Trump, must cover the entire amount of the judgment through a bond.

They argued that if this measure is not adopted, the defendants may be able to avoid paying the said penalties, which amount to $464 million.

Argument for Full Bond

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James’s office contends that a full bond is necessary to prevent Trump’s potential attempts to evade penalties or hinder enforcement efforts following any appeal.

Dennis Fan’s Statement

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The filing also emphasized the risk of Trump’s financial standing and potential actions without a complete bond.

Trump’s Request

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Trump tried to obtain a stay on the judgment amount by offering a bond substantially lower than the total amount, citing the need to sell real estate to cover the entirety of the penalty.

Judge’s Denial

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However, Judge Anil Singh declined to grant the motion, deferring the matter to a larger panel.

Equal Treatment Under the Law

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James emphasized that Trump should not be seen as any different from other litigants and should not, therefore, be offered special treatment.

Legislative Mandate for Defendants

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The filing emphasized the legislative mandate for defendants to post a bond equivalent to the judgment amount pending appeal, rejecting Trump’s partial bond proposal.

Inconsistencies in Trump’s Statements

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The filing highlighted inconsistencies in Trump’s claims about his wealth and liquidity, casting doubt on his ability to meet the financial obligations without a complete bond.

Likelihood of Appeal Success

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James also argued that Trump’s appeal is unlikely to succeed, characterizing his actions as “brazen fraud” and highlighting the substantial hurdles any appeal would face.

Denial of Wrongdoing

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Throughout the case, Trump has consistently denied any wrongdoing, maintaining his innocence in the face of the civil fraud allegations.

He has appealed Judge Engoron’s ruling, seeking to challenge the judgment against him and his co-defendants. The bond payment will be due this March. 

Appeals Bond In Previous Case

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In a separate defamation case involving E. Jean Carroll, Trump secured an appeals bond totaling $91.6 million, equal to the whole judgment and interest.

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