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NYC Council Appeals To Restore Voting Rights for Non-Citizens

The New York City Council has taken legal action to challenge a decision that invalidated a 2022 statute designed to extend voting rights to non-citizens with green cards or work permits.

The council is arguing at the state Supreme Court that enabling more residents to vote would be better for civic involvement. 

This appeal comes in response to the Appellate Division for the Second Judicial Department’s decision, which deemed the law unconstitutional.

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The law was planned to give voting rights to nearly 800,000 non-citizens.

However, opposition arose from a group of conservative officials who argued that voting rights should remain exclusive to U.S. citizens.

Despite facing legal hurdles, including a defeat in a lower court, Mayor Eric Adams’ administration is adamant about the need for the law.

Yet, it remains unclear whether the city’s legal team will continue their efforts in the New York State Court of Appeals.

On the deadline day for filing the appeal, supporters, including the New York Immigration Coalition, rallied outside City Hall, advocating for the inclusion of non-citizens in the electoral process.

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Council member Alexa Avilés emphasized that extending voting rights does not diminish the rights of existing voters but rather expands the democratic community.

Critics like Congress member Nicole Malliotakis have condemned the initiative, claiming it undermines the integrity of the electoral system and dilutes the influence of citizens. 


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