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NYC Mayor Adams Warns Migrant Crisis Could Cost $12 Billion

New York City’s mayor, Eric Adams, has issued a stark warning about the city’s growing migrant crisis, estimating that the costs could surge to a staggering $12 billion over the next three years.

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The mayor emphasized that the city’s resources are stretched to the limit, with a current nightly average expenditure of $383 per 25,600 asylum-seeker households. The population of migrants in the city is projected to double by June 2024, leading to an estimated 100,000 homeless migrants.

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Adams urgently called on federal support and cooperation from New Yorkers to address the crisis.

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The costs of providing housing, food, and other services for the migrants are expected to rise significantly, potentially reaching $6.1 billion by the end of June 2025 if no corrective measures are taken. To meet these financial demands, Adams suggested budget cuts across various city services.

While the city has received federal and state funding to mitigate the crisis, Adams highlighted that the situation is unsustainable and emphasized the need for comprehensive solutions and cooperation from higher levels of government.

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