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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Announces Resignation of Top Campaign Fundraiser Amidst FBI Investigation

New York City Mayor Eric Adams confirmed on Tuesday that Brianna Suggs, his former top campaign fundraiser, is no longer involved in her previous role, according to multiple sources.

This news comes after the FBI conducted a raid on Suggs’ residence in early November, seizing electronic devices and documents related to a corruption inquiry.

The investigation is centered around allegations of possible foreign money being funneled into Adams’ mayoral campaign, although the mayor himself is not directly under investigation.

During a press conference, Adams addressed Suggs’ status with the campaign, stating, “She is no longer doing fundraising for the campaign.” This development adds to the growing list of challenges Mayor Adams is currently facing.

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His relationship with President Biden has deteriorated in recent months, and he has been under scrutiny for allegedly pressuring FDNY officials regarding the opening of a building for the Turkish consulate.

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While the specifics of the FBI investigation have not been disclosed by law enforcement and prosecutors, Adams’ administration has condemned any potential leaks, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the integrity of the law enforcement process.

Additionally, the mayor is also dealing with a separate investigation surrounding allegations of sexual assault filed by a former colleague. Adams denies any connection to the plaintiff, who is seeking substantial damages in a legal filing.

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Overall, these recent developments present a challenging situation for Mayor Eric Adams as he navigates multiple investigations while trying to lead the city.

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