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NYPD Lieutenant Arrested for Sexual Assault on Subordinate Civilian Employee

NYPD Lieutenant Arrested for Sexual Assault on Coworker

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Incident Details: Lieutenant Wilder Lucas of the New York City Police Department has been taken into custody on charges of sexually assaulting a fellow employee within the department.

Arrest and Suspension of Lt. Wilder Lucas

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Arrest and Suspension: Lt. Wilder Lucas was indicted on Tuesday and is currently suspended from the NYPD without pay.

Allegations Made by Ammy Ventura

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Allegations and Threats: Ammy Ventura, the alleged victim, has filed a lawsuit accusing Lucas of pressuring her into engaging in threesomes and becoming abusive as their relationship deteriorated.

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Ventura’s Lawyer Speaks Out

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Ventura’s Lawyer’s Perspective: John Scola, Ventura’s attorney, described the allegations against Lucas as extremely serious and highlighted Ventura’s courage in coming forward.

Background of the Relationship

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The Relationship at Work: Ventura and Lucas developed a close relationship while working together at the NYPD’s Property Division, which then progressed into a romantic involvement.

The Alleged Sexual Assault

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Incident in August 2022: Lucas allegedly sexually assaulted Ventura during an overtime shift at work, forcefully restraining her while demanding oral sex.

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Threats and Cover-up

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Lucas’s Attempts to Conceal the Affair: Upon learning that their relationship had been reported, Lucas reportedly threatened Ventura’s life and coerced her into deleting all evidence of their communication.

Impact and Bravery of Ammy Ventura

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Ventura’s Courage: Ammy Ventura’s case is being viewed as an inspiration for others who may be experiencing similar abuse, with her attorney expressing hope that her bravery will encourage other victims to come forward.

The NYPD Takes Action

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Sending a Message: The arrest and suspension of Lt. Wilder Lucas demonstrate the NYPD’s commitment to taking sexual assault allegations seriously.

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The Gravity of the Charges

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Suspension Without Pay: The fact that Lucas is suspended without pay emphasizes the seriousness of the charges against him and underscores their significance.

Creating a Safe Workplace Environment

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The Importance of Respect and Safety: This case underscores the need to establish a safe and respectful workplace for all employees, where they are protected from harassment and abuse.

Conclusion on Lt. Wilder Lucas’s Arrest

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Highlighting the Seriousness: The arrest of Lt. Wilder Lucas serves as a reminder of the gravity with which law enforcement handles allegations of sexual assault, as well as the importance of addressing such issues in the workplace.

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