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Ohio and Alabama Republicans Threaten To Block Biden From Their Ballots for 2024 Presidential Elections

Ohio and Alabama might not allow President Joe Biden to appear on their ballots in the 2024 elections.

The central issue is that the Democratic National Convention (DNC) is scheduled after the nomination deadlines set by these states. 

Both require that political parties officially nominate their candidates before these deadlines to qualify for the ballot.

Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen has issued a warning to the Democratic Party in the state: certify President Biden by August 15, or he will not appear on the November ballot, adhering strictly to state laws that mandate nomination 82 days before the election.

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Allen emphasized his commitment to enforcing state laws, stating his intent to administer elections strictly according to Alabama’s legal statutes and deadlines, reflecting a rigid interpretation of these electoral rules.

This isn’t the first instance of such timing issues; similar conflicts arose in the 2020 election. 

Despite the Republican National Convention occurring after Alabama’s deadline, a special legislative exception was passed that year, which allowed Trump to appear on the ballot, demonstrating potential flexibility in the application of these rules.

Similar to Alabama, Ohio faces a scheduling conflict with its August 7 deadline for nominations. 

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The state has previously adjusted its rules to accommodate late conventions in 2020, suggesting possible, albeit uncertain, remedies for this election cycle.

Ohio’s Secretary of State’s office has pointed out the long-standing nature of these laws and suggests that political parties consult their legal teams to navigate these deadlines effectively, indicating that the responsibility lies with the parties to ensure compliance.

Ohio has provided options for the Democratic Party: either reschedule their convention to meet the state deadline or lobby for another legislative exception to allow Biden’s inclusion on the ballot.

Despite the looming deadline issues, the Biden campaign remains confident in their candidate’s nationwide ballot presence, citing the ability of states to issue provisional ballot access certifications as a workaround.

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In the 2020 election, states like Alabama and Ohio, among others, granted provisional certifications to presidential candidates, enabling them to appear on the ballot despite the timing of their official nominations.

The potential exclusion of Biden from the ballot in these states is particularly significant given Ohio’s status as a competitive battleground, which has been leaning increasingly Republican, contrasting with Alabama’s solid GOP alignment.

These developments will likely fuel ongoing debates about electoral integrity and the politicization of ballot access as the nation heads towards another highly charged election cycle.

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