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Ohio Legislature Blocks Governor’s Veto, Enforces Ban on Trans Procedures for Minors

The Ohio Senate voted to override Gov. Mike DeWine’s veto of a bill banning gender transition procedures for minors.

This bill also prohibits male athletes from competing in female sports teams.

Senate and House Votes

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The state Senate’s vote was 23-9 in favour of overriding the veto. Earlier, the state House had voted 65-28 for the same, with Republicans leading in both chambers.

Partisan Lines in the Vote

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The vote largely adhered to party lines. State Sen. Nathan Manning, a Republican, was a notable exception, breaking from his party’s stance on this issue.

Governor DeWine’s Concerns

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Gov. DeWine vetoed the bill in December, citing potential harm.

He expressed concerns during a press conference about the bill’s negative implications if it became law.

Provisions of the Bill

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The bill, known as the Saving Ohio Adolescents from Experimentation Act, sets strict limits.

It bans gender-related surgeries and certain medical treatments for minors.

Restrictions on School Sports

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Another aspect of the bill restricts school sports participation.

It bars schools from allowing male athletes to compete in female sports teams at high school and college levels.

Nationwide Implications

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This legislation reflects a broader national trend concerning fairness in women’s sports.

Ohio joins other states in implementing similar bans.

Advocates’ Arguments for the Bill

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Supporters of the bill argue against irreversible gender transition interventions for minors.

They advocate for compassionate mental health care and therapy instead.

Representative Gary Click’s Reaction

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Rep. Gary Click, the bill’s primary sponsor, praised the Senate’s decision.

He emphasized that the disagreement was about policy, not personal differences with the governor.

LGBT Groups’ Criticism

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Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT rights group, has strongly opposed the legislation.

They describe the ban as “draconian and discriminatory,” limiting access to necessary health care.

Support from Alliance Defending Freedom

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Groups supporting the ban, like Alliance Defending Freedom, emphasize child protection.

They argue the ban prevents harm from irreversible procedures.

ADF’s Stance on Gender Dysphoria Treatment

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Matt Sharp of ADF criticizes current treatments for gender dysphoria.

He contends that they are dangerous and advocate for truth and protection for children.

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