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Oldest Gun Maker Leaves New York For Georgia Amid  “Radical Anti-Second Amendment Policies”

Remington Arms, the oldest gun manufacturer in the United States, is bidding farewell to its 208-year-old legacy in Ilion, New York, as it relocates its operations to Georgia, seeking a more supportive environment for the firearms industry.

End of an Era in Ilion

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The impending departure of Remington Arms marks the end of a longstanding relationship between the company and the village of Ilion, New York.

A Sad Event

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Mayor John Stephens describes the move as the loss of the town’s soul, reflecting on the deep-rooted connection between Remington and the community.

Emotional Impact on Residents

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Residents and employees of Remington in Ilion mourn the loss of not just jobs but a sense of identity and heritage.

Retired worker Jim Conover and technician Frank “Rusty” Brown share their sentiments, highlighting the emotional and economic void left by the relocation.

Displacement of Workers

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The closure of Remington’s factory in Ilion will displace approximately 300 workers, significantly impacting the local economy and community.

The loss of jobs and revenue presents a substantial challenge for a town of roughly 7,600 residents.

Challenges Faced by Remington

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Remington’s decision to relocate comes amid financial challenges, including bankruptcy filings in 2018 and 2020, as well as legal liabilities stemming from the Sandy Hook mass shooting settlement in 2022.

These factors have contributed to the company’s need to seek a new home.

Criticism of New York’s Gun Laws

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Political figures such as Rep. Elise Stefanik and GOP state Sen. Mark Walczyk criticized New York’s stringent gun laws.

“The oldest gun manufacturer in the country has been run out of the state,” said Ms. Stefanik.

She blamed the state’s “radical anti-Second Amendment policies,” including laws passed after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and the 2022 massacre at a grocery store in Buffalo.

Sen. Mark Walczyk’s Statement

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Senator Mark Walczyk put out a statement condemning the democrat policies that are being blamed for the situation, “Albany Democrats and their failed policies are directly responsible for the closure of this facility and the unemployment of roughly 250-300 New Yorkers.”

Excitement Over Georgia’s Supportive Environment

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RemArms CEO Ken D’Arcy expresses enthusiasm about the move to Georgia, citing the state’s business-friendly climate and strong support for the firearms industry.

Georgia’s policies and conducive business environment have attracted gun manufacturers, positioning the state as a hub for the defense sector.

Broader Trend of Relocation

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Remington’s move from New York to Georgia reflects a broader trend of gun manufacturers shifting from the Northeast to Southern states.

Similar relocations, such as Smith & Wesson’s move from Massachusetts to Tennessee, underscore the changing landscape of the firearms industry in the United States.

Community Impact and Industry Dynamics

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As Remington transitions to Georgia, the community of Ilion grapples with the departure of a historical cornerstone and economic mainstay.

The relocation highlights the complex interplay between industry decisions, regulatory frameworks, and the fabric of local communities.

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