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‘Once Again, America Last’: Kamala Harris’ Plan To Invest Billions in Central America Faces Harsh Criticism

Vice President Kamala Harris revealed a significant financial commitment aimed at curbing migration from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, with the Partnership for Central America securing $5.2 billion in investments. 

Announced on March 25, these investments are part of the Central America Forward initiative, a response to Harris’ call for action to improve economic opportunities in Northern Central America.

The White House statement outlined that the investments would support job creation, digital economy integration, small business financing, and educational opportunities for the youth and women in the region. 

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During a meeting with Guatemala’s newly elected President Bernardo Arévalo, Harris emphasized the importance of his role in fostering trust and hope among the Guatemalan people, highlighting the efforts to address the root causes of migration.

Despite the optimism shared by Harris, her announcement on X (formerly Twitter) was met with critical responses from the public. 

Some questioned the effectiveness of the investments given the continued high rates of migration, while others criticized the focus on foreign investment over domestic border security. 

Credits: DepositPhotos

One of the critics even posted, “Once again, America last.”

The reaction underscores the challenge facing the administration as it seeks to balance immediate border concerns with long-term strategies to address migration drivers.


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