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One Third of Young Voters Refuse Friendship with Opposing Party Voters, Says Poll

With the 2024 presidential election looming, a significant portion of young adults express reluctance to befriend individuals supporting the opposing political party’s presidential candidate, according to a recent poll.

Political Friendship Divide

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A survey conducted by The Generation Lab and Axios to over 1,000 young adults uncovered that 33% of respondents indicated they would “definitely not” or “probably not” be open to friendship with someone voting for the opposing party’s presidential nominee.

Echoes of Past Rifts

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This sentiment reflects a continuation of the growing political divide witnessed during the tumultuous 2016 election, where 7% of voters reportedly ended friendships over the contentious race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Deepening Political Polarization

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The findings of the recent poll align with broader trends of increasing political polarization in the United States, a phenomenon documented by researchers over several decades and exacerbated by recent events.

Historical Context

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The historical backdrop of the United States, including past periods of polarization and even civil conflict, underscores the gravity of the current political divisions observed in society.

Not a New Trend

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The country’s rapidly increasing political polarization has been documented by researchers for decades; in 2022, one poll even found that 43% of US adult respondents expected a civil war to break out within the next ten years.

Therefore, the finding of increased political polarization is not particularly new.

Primary Season Dynamics

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While the presidential primary season is ongoing, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump maintain strong leads in their respective parties’s races, with predictions of Trump securing the nomination as early as mid-March.

National Polling Insights

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Recent national polling indicates a close race between Biden and Trump among registered voters, with slight leanings toward the Republican candidate among independent-leaning voters.

Electoral College Matters More

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However, the ultimate outcome of presidential elections hinges on electoral college votes rather than popular vote totals.

Swing State Significance

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With electoral college votes from swing states playing a crucial role in determining the election outcome, even small shifts in voter sentiment in these battleground regions could hold significant sway in November.

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Credit: DepositPhotos – Doug Mastriano and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at Unite and Win rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. August 19, 2022, Pittsburgh, PA, USA: Turning Point Action’s Unite and Win Rally ft Gov Ron DeSantis and Doug Mastriano in Pittsburgh — Photo by thenews2.com