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Otisville Mayor Carey Prioritizes Constant Contact With Residents

Mayor Brian Carey of Otisville has made it a priority to enhance communication channels with residents ever since assuming office in April 2023.

His focus on transparency and community engagement has been pivotal in fostering a strong sense of unity within the village.

Managing Social Media

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Mayor Carey takes an active role in managing the village’s Facebook page, which has seen a substantial increase in followers under his stewardship.

By leveraging social media platforms, he ensures that vital updates and announcements reach a wider audience.

Embracing Technology

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Recognizing the importance of accessibility, Mayor Carey personally records and uploads bi-monthly village board meetings to Facebook.

This proactive approach allows residents to stay informed about local governance matters conveniently from their homes.

Addressing Past Challenges

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Past issues with live broadcasts have prompted Mayor Carey to implement measures to improve sound quality, demonstrating his commitment to overcoming obstacles and delivering transparent communication to residents.

Door-to-Door Engagement

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Mayor Carey engages in door-to-door outreach efforts to promote Constant Contact, a new communication tool.

This personalized approach ensures that all residents, regardless of their digital literacy, have the opportunity to stay connected with village updates.

Implementing Constant Contact

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Constant Contact enables the village to disseminate timely text messages for emergencies and informative emails for non-emergency updates.

By embracing modern communication tools, Mayor Carey enhances community resilience and cohesion.

Community Participation

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With over 150 residents already signed up for Constant Contact, Mayor Carey’s initiatives have significantly increased community engagement.

Residents now have access to vital information, fostering a more informed and empowered community.

Promoting Inclusivity

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Mayor Carey collaborates with the Asian American Advisory Committee to develop welcome packages for new residents, available in multiple languages.

These efforts promote inclusivity and ensure that all members of the community feel welcome and valued.

Encouraging Event Participation

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During his outreach efforts, Mayor Carey encourages residents to participate in community events, such as defensive driving courses.

These events not only benefit residents but also contribute to enhancing overall safety within the village.

Investing in Infrastructure

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Mayor Carey’s tenure has witnessed significant infrastructure improvements, including upgrades to parks and downtown areas.

These enhancements enhance the quality of life for residents and contribute to the overall vibrancy of Otisville.

Seeking Further Enhancements

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Mayor Carey actively seeks grant funding for downtown revitalization projects, underscoring his commitment to continuous improvement.

These initiatives aim to enhance the village’s infrastructure and create a more attractive environment for residents and visitors alike.

Proactive Communication

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Mayor Carey’s proactive communication efforts demonstrate his dedication to transparency and resident satisfaction.

By keeping residents informed and engaged, he fosters a stronger sense of community and unity within Otisville.

Success in Strengthening Communication Channels

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Through his unwavering dedication and innovative initiatives, Mayor Carey has strengthened communication channels, promoted community engagement, and pursued enhancements that benefit all residents.

His leadership has laid the foundation for a vibrant and connected Otisville community.

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